What the better way to score?

We were thinking,

There is three ways of score:

  • Shooting the ball with camera tracking

  • Make a big storage (bucket… well, I don’t know which the correct word),to store many balls, and go closer of your opponent and drop it at same time.

  • Trust in Payload Specialists

  • Other way???

We think that, the better way is the combination between shooter and bucket…
What your team are thinking about?

Other then scoring have you though of a way to block? :confused:

Depends how many penalties you want to get. There’s only one legal way to block, and it’s very, very tricky; in fact, it’s almost impossible to do.

Actually, there’s another legal method that’s easier, but I keep my council on that. I guarantee someone will use it, though.

There is probably more than one way that will work successfully. Even with a given type of scoring, some teams will succeed enormously, and others will struggle. I’m guessing robots that can “shoot” from a distance, or dump in masses will be prevalent, and if designed well, both have a chance of success. People will have much better insight into “good” methods of scoring once competitions start… :rolleyes:

My best advice to you is to pick a design and stick with it- practice with it and tweak it, and that’s your best chance at having a successful scoring mechanism.

Our team is doing a pneumatic dumper. It will have 3 spots to score, the left side of the robot, the right side of the robot and the front of the robot.
If we can master this design it will be a force to be reckoned with

Truer words have rarely been spoken.