what the heck was the RPM??

im too lazy to search the manuals so does anybody know what the RPM on the Chaiphua or chalupa or what ever the heck its called ???

If you’re that lazy then you don’t belong on a FIRST team…

The maximum is 5500 RPM…

I could be telling you the right answer. I could be telling you the wrong answer. In the real world, will you really trust other people when your job depends on it? Especially when it is your job to find out that information?

Also… cuss words don’t belong on this forum (violation of the rules). Please remove the words and/or yourself from it.

Here is just about everything you will ever need to know about the Chiaphua; if you don’t have Excel, you can download a free viewer.

chiaphua.zip (30.9 KB)

chiaphua.zip (30.9 KB)


Thanks Ian and Thanks sanddrag
this should help to put the finishing touches on our experimental robot

and Jnadke if you could only understand my situation, see the 2003 season will only be our second year in FIRST, and well we already have two robots built, guess what, one was built entirely by me so dont lecture me on lazyness! ya cheesy little boy

Testing out designs in the fall is good, but you gotta still adhere to FIRST’s rule M15 (2002 Robot Rules, Appendix A, page 3).

Andy B.

M-15 of the rules well thats a given