What time do Falcon 500s go on sale at VexPro?

Title says it all. I would assume 12:01 central time?

Ya I understand that, just wondering the specific time on November 6th you can preorder them.


Look for pre-ordering to open up tomorrow around 2 PM CST


For those considering purchasing with our AM opt-out voucher, what is the potential timeline for that? Knowing we don’t have vouchers until the 14th.

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WCP says they will begin presales at 12:01 AM PST.

Sorry we made a mistake and will be selling at the same time as VEX. We are reflecting the change on our site, falcon page and social media accounts.


RC, I recommend sending out via email with the correction as well, that is how I first heard about the release time of 12:01 AM.



Thanks for clearing that up, I was about to set my alarm for 12:30 AM MST

Does anyone know when CTRE begins pre-sales or if their delivery timeline is the same as Vex’s? CTRE has free shipping on orders over $100 so it would be great if we could order from there.

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