What time does your flight land in Atlanta? And what day?

Just wondering who we will have a chance to run into at the airport before the competition starts…

Team 237 will get in around 1:36 on Wednesday afternoon. w00t!

I believe we land at the exact same time or at least close.

Noonish Wednesday…

Ha, I wish, our bus is leaving at 12:01 wednesday morning.

Been there before man, at least it gives you more time to bond with your team.

2 pm tuesday

WOAH!!! You guys arrive on Tuesday!?!?!

Not until like 11:50 pm wednesday :frowning:

7:30am on Thursday. 6am fly out of Dayton. 4am wake up call. 4:30am out the door. 5am at the airport.

Anyone want to spare me some bawls? :o

Around 7-8ish Wednesday I think. All I know is that we won’t get there in time to be able to uncrate our robot, so our friends from Ponca City, team 476, is going to do it for us.

I wish we were flying.

Our train leaves 0530 tues

We get in 0800ish weds


You guys are taking a train?!?!?! I’ve never heard of a team doing that before.

Well, our new main sponsor is Alstom, who, if you haven’t heard, broke the world rail speed record the other week.

I just wish we were taking that train to ATL. lol

Flight’s supposed to be leaving EWR (newark) at 4:30 so we should be in Atlanta by 6.

And we should be at the hotel at around 7:30-8ish I’d assume with the Marta trip + luggage, etc.

Bus leaves at 4:00AM Wednesday… dad’s taking a flight out of Quad Cities International at 5:30AM though… I don’t know when he’ll get there though.

On wednesday by plane, First wave(7 ppl-drive team and coaches) of Team 1636 will arrive at 4:10pm est and the second wave(16 ppl-assistant coach, chaperons, and students) will arrive at 5:55 pm est .

The hotel we’re staying at is the Atlanta Marriott Northwest
200 Interstate N. Parkway

Our bus leave at 6 PM Tuesday. Our arrive time at the Marriott is approximately 6 AM. Wednesday.

Wish we were flying… We are taking a train from Albany into Atlanta… leaving at 10am on Tuesday arriving 8am on Wednesday. Should be interesting with tools.

Flight leaving out of EWR at around 10:52A Wed be in ATL by 1:30P

We leave school Wed. at 10:30am to New York to take plane leaves at 3:05pm arrives around 5:15pm. times of flight are appox.