What time is the Trenton NJ kick off

Hey guys,

ive looked everywhere on the first website, ill be darned if i can find it. What time is it at the college? and can we pick up the kit before the kickoff oficially begins. our new mentor refuses to wait for the uplink, and wants to get the kit and leave.



All the information can be found on the 2005 FRC Remote Kickoff Information page. Under normal condition the kit is usually not dispersed to the teams until after the broadcast. I would recommend you to contact Randy Schaeffer, the NY/NJ Regional Director who’s in charge of this kickoff event also and see what he can tell you.

Mostly likely, the KOPs will not be release before the end of the Kickoff broadcast.
Your new Mentor have to wait like everyone else. I don’t think they will bend the rules on the KOP.


ok thanks guys. our old mentor had to go to iraq, so we have a new, pain in the butt. She is quite possibly the worst member of the team. she is also very impatient. I dont want the kit untill after the kick off. but she does not beleive in dedicating a few hours of her time. she also could care less about first. all she cares about is her paycheck.

ok venting over

thanks again


First off- there is no TRENTON kickoff. The NJ Regional is in the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton.

The NJ Kickoff is at NJIT in Newark and will probably run 9-4 or so. We had it at MCCC last year but this year they are in construction so we moved to NJIT. The itinerary is not yet released but I can tell you that there will be a number of workshops available after the game is revealed. Of course there is kit pickup there if you told FIRST that you were wishing to do so.

Does this clear things up?



thats perfect, thanks. our mentor told us it was in trenton, maybe she will be out of our hair for a day and she goes to trenton, and we go to the kickoff, in Newark (thanks for saving me from looking more like an idiot. The reason i ask about picking up the kit early is that she refuses to stay for the kickoff itsself. And will not let myself or one of the other captains pick it up. Anyone have a recomendation on how to deal with an unco-oprative mentor, who thinks that the fumes from soldiering will kill her baby even if im in another room? and what can we do during the build season when she only lets us work on it about 4 hours a week.