what to bring to Atlanta???

Hey All :slight_smile: so this year my team, 1939 managed to make our way into the roster for this years championship via the Engineering inspiration award and personally, i want to know***what’s a good idea to bring to Atlanta???:confused: *** simple enough question :stuck_out_tongue: any help would be appreciated. merci beacoup!

It would be a good idea to bring either a native or a good map. It is very easy to get lost in Atlanta (don’t rely on Google directions… one wrong turn and they are useless).

Dew. Atlanta is a Coke down, for obvious reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, bring some spirit, energy, and excitement. It’ll be the best time of your life so make the most of it. I only wish we could be there again.

Comfy walking shoes (even if you have a badge that lets you take shortcuts, it’s still a hike), comfier safety glasses, and your gracious professionalism (of course)!

I might recommend a water bottle as well; hydration is critical to staying healthy in Atlanta.

I don’t know i can deal with vault…

Aside from the above, you need to bring anything you ordinarily bring to regionals. Also, money for MARTA.

so is this going to be the… “what im packing to atlanta” thread for the 2009 year?

first and foremost, pack your TOOTHBRUSH

Comfertable shoes for all the walking :wink:

As an adult who has spent years working with youth in Boy Scouts and FIRST, and on behalf of all other adults at the event: deodorant.

My advice?

Extra room in your suitcase, because I can guarantee you’ll be coming home with more than you left with.

(My FIRST t-shirt collection can attest to that, it’s nearing 80-90 different FIRST shirts!)

A camera! The Championship is an amazing place, especially if you’ve never been, so you may want to capture some of the great memories you’re sure to get in pictures to show family, friends, etc.

Also, bring your enthusiasm! (though I’m sure that goes without saying) Atlanta is a terrific time to meet people from other teams, states, even countries. Get out there and talk to everyone you can- everybody has a story to tell.

I know I can… rather have one Vault than a six pack of Mt Dew. :cool:

Don’t forget your Monty Python outfit. That was great in KC!!!

If you’re going on Wednesday evening to uncrate, be sure you put one or two charged cordless drills with driver bits in an easily accessible place in your checked suitcase.

Also, if you have any super critical tools that you have to use a lot, see if you can get a pocket-sized version and keep it with you. (i.e. I always have a hex wrench for our encoder spring couplers and arm pot spring coupler on me, as well as a tether, programming cable, and auto/disable switch (thanks Pascack PiOneers) in my laptop case.)

Some kind of easy to carry easy to learn multiplayer game, like Uno. If you’re with a group of your team members and your roaming the pit area, you’ll probably find a down/bored looking pit eventually. You wouldn’t believe how much they’d love to play a game of uno (or whatever else) with you. :slight_smile:

Money for a MARTA pass if you’re staying too far away from the Dome area. Also, bring a MARTA map with you if you’re planning on going many places downtown to help you plan your route before setting out.

And I have to second a camera. You won’t believe how hard it is to find a street without FIRST people on one or both sides of it.

See you all there! Two days!!! :ahh:


As the FIRST signs say, Have you brought your Gracious Professionalism?

(On a side note, I’ve always wanted one of those signs. The irony of wanting to take a sign about GP has always prevented me from doing so. I guess the sign’s message also serves as a deterrent to all those who desire one)

During travel earlier this year, we discovered that many of the students had cash cards but no cash. That made it difficult to do group orders for lunches, etc., when it came time to collect for the meal.

Bring a reasonable amount of cash to be able to cover things like that. The cash cards are great but can’t always be used.

Also, if folks have meds they are taking or allergies or asthma, make sure the lead adult is aware/knows. And don’t forget to bring the meds along.

Important phone numbers so that you can locate and be located.


Hopefully everyteam will bring an extra shirt for the charity quilt.:rolleyes:

Whats wrong with VAULT?

I’ll be bringing a frisbee and some whipped cream