What to bring to competition

What should I bring to competition? In the suitcase and such??

Clothes and toiletries.

But you also need your digital camera, lots of film, lots of batteries, safety glasses, and all that stuff that’s listed in the rules…team checklist, end of Section 3


would definetly hightley suggest, a labtop with most current Labview update(if using) and your code for programming.

Mentors would probably prefere that you have some sort of deoderant. I would make sure you have a camera, Safety glasses, and if you are unpacking make sure you have safety glasses and the tools to open the crate.

Pom poms for cheering, rockstars for energy, pillows for the ride back and forth to the competition, your cellphone fully charged, and some money for lunch. Deoderant is nice - my friend learned that the hard way, rofl. Hmmm, what else? Oh, be sure that if you do pack ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING, pack as lightly as possible; and have it in a small bag that you can easily carry with you that you can be aware of but not annoyed with. SAFETY GLASSES ARE A MUST!!!

Oh! And be sure to bring a camera and a first aid kit!

The camera so you can document and have fun, and the first aid kit just in case! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

Enthusiasm! Can’t put it in a suitcase, but it sure is helpful.

As previously mentioned, a camera is always a good idea. Good for memories, to document your growth as a team, and some visuals for your website! :slight_smile:

Last year there was a thread on what to bring to Atlanta. Some of it applies here.
Good luck!

Don’t forget to ask your electrical/programming team what they need–there can be some stuff that most people don’t think of(the day before calgames this year, I had to run back to my school in the evening to get the box of spare parts for the control system, which the person in charge of pakcing had considered “not important”. And then at the competition one of our joysticks broke.

Batteries with cables attached:D

Sorry, the devil made me say it. If you do not know what reference this is to, please check other threads on 40 pound allowance.

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Halls -> very soothing on a throat ravaged by constantly yelling over the music.

I lol’ed at the irony :smiley:

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