What to bring to offseason with new team

I am a programer that has just moved into a new team. We are competing at an off-season event and the normal programmer is not in attendance. I have been provided will copies of the most recent code and a list of changes. I have made the changes at home, but I obviously can’t take my whole workstation with me. That being said; what should I take?

So far, I have this in my computer bag:

  • tablet w/ Labview
  • keyboard /mouse
  • Router
  • a ton of ethernet cable
  • a null modem cable
  • a sign stating “It was mechanicals fault”

Can anyone think of something I forgot?

Thumb drive containing a current copy of the code maybe, so you can leave an up-to-date version on the driver station laptop and for off computer backup.
Shouldn’t need the router.

I’ve added my portable HD to the bag with copies of the original and modified code. I have a router for running the code in a debuging stateas well as the pit LAN.

I have to say, about the “It was mechanicals fault”. We use to have a saying written on the wall that said the complete oppsite. “What? Theres something wrong? It’s Not Mechanical!”


I’d have to disagree, one team member didn’t look where they were going and fractured every weld on the arm.

What are thoughts on power at offseason events? Is there generally good electricity, or should I be getting extension cords together?

Power differs event by off-season event from plugging everything in one corner of the room, to an outlet at every table.
I’d pack at least a power strip for the multiple outlets.
I usually take a power inverter with me, but that’s only because I have one setup to run off an Anderson connector from a robot battery.