What to do at the regional event?

Are there any rules on how many people you can bring to the first day(the practice day) and if so what are they? :confused:

Oh ya this is team 1562 from the Wisconsin regionals asking, if you know about any other regional rules heres where to mention them.

No limits, unless you put one on your team. (For that matter, bring everyone on the team, and all their friends, relations, etc. to any or all of the days.)

Oh, wait, there is one limit. the uncrating crew is limited to (I think–see Section 10: At the Events) three people. Once the doors open, though, no limits.

You can bring as many people as you want on any day(s) of the compition. Just remember to bring safty glasses for each person that plans on entering the pit area or the compition feilds. One more really important rule HAVE FUN.

right on:D

Ok thanks :smiley: