What to do in October

What will teams be doing in the month of October to get ready for the 2012 season? We’ll be meeting to discuss what went good last year, what can we improve upon this year, finalize a calendar for our work shops for the next 3 months and the list goes on.

I would definitely recommend completing as much fundraising as possible during this time, because once build season begins it will be much more difficult to get this done!

We’re mostly working on fundraising, but we will also be working on recruiting and training new members.

Cal Games! :smiley: October 21st 2011!



Until Kickoff (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) -

-OCCRA built/competition season (mostly upperclassmen)
-VRC built season - Early competitions (mostly underclassmen)

-Sponsorship presentations - We have a team of sponsorship presenters which will be trained, practice, and present to potential and current sponsors. We also prepare business materials as part of this effort, including sponsorship packets and letters.

-Off-season prototyping - We have some new designs to design, build, and test, and they are very cool.

-Software prototyping/Beta Test - We had some software algorithms which we wanted to test in the off-season, and we will mix this in with 2012 beta testing (LabVIEW).

-Training of freshmen/new members - New members all go through a training course on operation of basic tools and safety (including the important hand tools, and the bandsaw, drill press, and sander). We also train students in use of the manual mill and lathe if they are interested, and we occasionally have a student welder in training.

I third that notion!

NH Techfest, October 15th, demo and enjoy the event.

River Rage, October 29th, oldest offseason event with many of my favorite teams!

Plus many of the things already mentioned.

Should be a great month.

Last build season we started a list of “things we need to find a better way to do.” We had our first meeting of the year for new students this past Saturday so we started bringing those students up to speed while the returning team members started on “the list.”

Top two items on the list:

  • Covers and attachment method


  • Where can it go on a diet?
  • Do we want to go to Hex shafts?

For new students, we have them building a ball shooting mechanism from AIM High, first iteration wasn’t so impressive but they seem to be enjoying the challenge.