What to do when your bored?

What to do when your bored?
you can check out some of these sites i go to…
http://groups.msn.com/NarutoGenerations <------- If you like Naruto (Anime/Manga)
http://www.trobots.com<-- Our robotics link it is in the process of being updated
http://www.runescape.com<-- If you like adventure/rpg this is a great game

IF you can think of anymore, other than this website or FIRST, post here :ahh: :smiley: :] :yikes: :slight_smile:

play some halo 3, or play golf at my school after midnight…

The usual think about the design of the robot, play video games, surf Chief Delphi, or do math homework if I have it

Well when I’m waiting for the next Kickoff I read every(:ahh: ) new post on Chief Delphi. Mainly I surf the net looking for things that would make a good robot during my summer break.:slight_smile:

I watch anime when I’m bored. Thank you for the website links:D

Listen to dragon force/metal and help my team build/program teh robot. Is awesome but increadabely geeky.

Play video games, read manga/books, talk to people online, or watch a movie/asian drama (legal or otherwise)

I play l33t text based games. Who needs great graphics when you can use your imagination :smiley:

I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

I click the “New Posts” button on CD every couple of minutes…

Ditto and xkcd.com keeps me a bit sane too!

I wish I could say the same. I am bored almost all the time. I am very busy, I just don’t do much that I enjoy. Another site for you to check.

It’s name speaks for itself.

Work on cars, weld, snowboard, mountain bike, play soccer, hang out with friends. I don’t party much. Most people don’t think to invite me to parties because I don’t drink or smoke. So most of the peole I hang out with are Team 1699, and hopefully 238 more often this winter. Oh, and sometimes 1665 because my girlfriend is a member.

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