What to do with 2005 field elements

Our rookie team is done with our practice field (goals & tetras) now that the robot has been shipped off to the first regional this coming weekend. We had a general meeting last night in the midst of Rochester’s latest snow storm and we cleaned-up our shop area. I spied a whole pile of painted tetras and it made me want to start this thread.

What can you do with the leftover field elements?

  1. Give the tetras to the football team to use as pylons for running practice
  2. Cut the tetras into snowfence stakes
  3. Give tetras to the janitorial staff to “block-off” the bathrooms during cleaning period
  4. Take tetra chunks home to give to your dog as a chew toy (remove paint first)
  5. Use the center goal with plastic wrap as a new phone booth for the school lobby
  6. Set-up tetras on the school sledding hill for toboggan slalom run
  7. In the spring, put tetras upside down on lawn and insert trash bag as rain collectors (or trash bins)

You can see I’m getting desperate, but thought it might be fun to get everyone’s creative juices flowing on how to re-use the tetras…

Some of those are really good ideas, remember that you will want to save a few for demos and other PR things you team might want to do after the season.