What to do with excess fans

So I found a box full of the “seemingly useless” fans that our team has collected over the years. They are all excess ones, so I figured I would try and find a use for them. They are all 12v DC fans, like the ones used on Victors. I also have found a potentiometer and a bunch of other switches. Any ideas of what I could do with these?

Put them in a window to get rid of Magic Smoke and soldering fumes :smiley:

Put them in a labeled box and wait for the gremlins to mix them up and hide them again.

EDIT: Oh, wait, they’re already in a box. I guess you go with ZehP’s suggestion, then.

This was also bothering us the other day. What to do…
Then it occurred to us: giant fan to stand in front of and look amazing. Just grow out your hair, turn on the fan, and shake your head a little bit. That should do it.

Build a quadrotor or two with them…

A team never has an excess of fans. Usually, filling up the stadium seats at a regional is difficult to…

OH, those kinds of fans. How about making a Hovercraft system with Vex parts? Could the muffin fans reach those speeds to lift something?

Actually I just had an idea. Im gonna use the large fans with PWM connectors and build a cooling system for the pit area. It would go under the robot to cool off motors and other hardware after matches

Although that would be “cool” (har har…) I don’t think it would do much to actually cool off the motors…

I think I remember reading a post about something like this a few years ago…

True, but my team really has no other use for them.

Plus, I have about 10 large fans and God-only-knows how many small ones. I could probably focus the airflow to the motors to cool those off the most


Or just focus them on you…because the pits get hot.

Or a super secret, backup ball deflection mechanism… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wind tunnel anyone? Or maybe a wind farm (fans in reverse creating electricity)