What to do with those CMU's?

I was thinking since FIRST gave us all those great CMU cameras that hardly anyone is using. What would be some cool things to do with them.
I had the idea of getting a dozen or so together and rig them up on a half circle mount facing inward. Somehow maybe daisy chain them all together and take a shot from all 12 at the same time to make one of those 3d panning images like in the Matrix. If all the teams brought there cameras to the regionals and someone built the rig. We could all throw our bots in there or people and make animated 3d panning gifs.
I have no idea how to make that so don’t ask me (we did get it to make our 04 bot attack our mock up though). But I’ll bet someone on CD could figure it out. I dunno… What else can we do with these things?

The CMUCam is extremely versatile, except for its relatively small resolution. Right on the board is a video out that will output in NTSC black and white. So you could rig up a ‘security cam’ for your pit area.

Write a simple program to poll the CMUCam for an image every thirty seconds or so and combine it with some web-foo and you can create a web cam.

Build an array of CMUCams and write some crazy image-stitching algorithms to create a moderate-resolution digital camera!

Track the vision te- oh wait, nevermind.

The easiest way to get 3d revolution images is with a large open room (gymnasiums work well) and a wheelie chair. Secure video camera to box (milk crates work well) and secure box moderately well to chair. Push chair around subject in large circle twice. Download video. Speed up like 10x.

Were gonna modify a previous year’s bot to accomidate a ballista someone made in their spare time and the camera… we get that tracking program working, and then get someone in a bright green shirt to go run around in the parking lot place 3 or 4 day old jelly doughnuts in the ballista for ammo, and turn the robot on ‘seek and destroy’ :cool:

This is a great idea! We can catch Arefin steeling all our zipties!

And the ballista thing sounds like a great fundraiser! Some people like Dave would pay big bucks to settle a donut fetish like that…

See page 24 of the CMUCam2 manual.