What to do with those NEVER AGAIN NEEDED beacon covers?!

So we have a bunch of these plastic multi-colored beacon covers, and during a break, we started thinking up things to do with them, now that they’re obsolete:

  • planters
  • chandeliers
  • a cup (bottoms up?)
  • christmas ornaments

Got any others?

candle sconce covers!

Today PR was discussing using them as donation cups… or even just using the lights to catch peoples attention and lure them to see the bot… hahaha.

If you have some that are the same color as your team color, you can use them in the pit maybe.

OO!!! OOO!!! I know!

Put the red ones over your digi-vidi-camera and take movies, whilst saying things like “This kind of thing had cropped up before, Dave, and it has always been due to human error” and “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

yeah, thats what we did.

obsolete? did I miss something?

the rotating light that was used for the past years is now obselete they are being replaced by the 4 leds

In the off season we took all of our rotating lights from years past, clamped them to a piece of extrusion, hung the extrusion on a wall, hooked the lights up to a battery, turned off the room lights, and played disco music. :slight_smile:

You guys win. Even if you just made that up, it’s brilliant. :slight_smile:

If you happen to need a fishbowl for a single goldfish, these might work…

pretend to be a cop and pull people over

I REALLY hope you’re only joking!

Coat them with conductive paint and use them as microwave-band horn antennas!

OK… here is an idea.

During the opening ceremonies of a FIRST Regional (or Championships), propose a “beacon toast”. We could clean 'em out, put some soda and ice in 'em, and propose a toast to FIRST.


Andy B.

Intercept some of the more recognized teams in FIRST en route to the Georgiadome before nationals. Oh wait, about that gracious professionalism… :smiley:

Only joking, of course.

Guys. Old school beacons are the bomb. Just imagine the robot up on the bar and than from the buttom seeing the old beacon spinning. It will be the coolest decoration in all of the competition