What to eat in Atlanta?

Last year, we made sure we made it to a Texas BBQ. What regional food(s) do we need to make sure we experience in Atlanta this year?

Mmmm… I like food.

I hear that getting a hot dog at “The Victory” is kinda cool. At least, that is what the Food Channel says.

I wonder how far away it is from the Dome?

Andy B.

Mmmm… foood. I’m not sure whats good to eat but I have heard that this is this drink called ‘koke’ thats based there. I’m going to have to try it out.

I know there is a starbucks in the lobby of the hotel where im staying at the westin peachtree. I’ll probably end up eating at whatever places are in the peachtree mall most of time.

I myself havnt actually been to Atlant but this webiste has never steered me wrong in looking for some excellent food in the past while visiting other areas around the world :stuck_out_tongue:


Andy, It’s actually the Varsity :slight_smile: but yeah a must try while in Atlanta. It’s not too far from the dome, a minute or two on MARTA.

Check out their site: http://www.thevarsity.com/.

“The Victory?” Do you perhaps mean “The Varsity?” The Varsity is awesome. They have lots of good hamburgers and hot dogs and stuff like that. MAke sure you get a frozen orange drink or a chocolate shake.

You might want to go to the hard rock cafe (like 1 block from the marriot marquis if you are staying there) and also the coca cola factory is supposed to be pretty cool…although the adults may not consider coke a meal…

The Bridgetown Grill is one of my favourites downtown (at www.bridgetowngrill.com) and as to The Varsity, I’d reccomend a chili-dog.
There are lots of good restaurants (including the Bridgetown) and generally cool places to be at Little Five Points (www.l5p.com) which is about 3 miles from the Dome/Civic Center (or just one station down by MARTA).

Can’t wait to see you guys here!

Waffle House. :smiley:

Hey gwross, great to meet you in LA! I was the guy who took this picture

The Varsity is a must while in Atlanta, not too far from GA Dome and fairly close to GATech. Waffle House is a plus as well. See y’all there!

I hear the peaches are good.


In the CNN center, there’s this REALLY good sandwhich place…its got some forgien name…it’s REALLY good

Ah, Food Network and Alton Brown, watching him now… err… back on topic.

384 WILL be in the Underground for dinner numerous nights. We also are planning on checking out Coke for the drinks. I heard Beverly is pretty good if you want one from the international selection. :wink:

mmmmmm…foooood and COKE!!! The perfect thread for me! LOL is there any good coffee other than Starbucks in the CNN Centre/close to OMNI hotel? Unfortunately, there is no TIM HORTON’S :mad:

I was told “If you’re going to the South they have Chick Fillet. BEST FAST FOOD CHICKEN IN THE WORLD. It is not an option, you MUST have it.”

So, are there any Chick Fillets down in Atlanta?

It’s actually called Chick-fil-A. Indiana has a lot of them and it’s the next best thing next to beef!!

Eat Mor Chikin


My friend said there was this chocolate bar that’s really good in the States and none in Canada… It’s call “Almond Joy” I think… Is there any in Atlanta?

It’s all over the US. You can find them in convenience stores, gas stations, and other places they sell candy bars.

As for best fast food, Chick-fil-a is ok, but Chipotle is the best. :slight_smile: