what to finish in the next 5 days

I was just wandering what all your teams need to compleat in the next 5 days?

Team 476:
camera tracking
friction testing on treds
4 motor on 3 speed trannys (calculated at 30 ft/sec) HAHAHA

Team 637

oh yeah build robot…

Code refinement

Mouting turret on Frame
Turret angle adjustment (incl camera, though we got it working on a Dev Board)
Turret Cover (to protect the shooter)
Wrapping up our rear conveyor
Mounting various other components on the frame…

We’ve got a long road ahead. Stop by our “pit” during the afternoon shift at DC!

30 fps is not smart. Your torque will be quite limited. Why build a 3 speed if you cannot use high gear?

Anyway, we are still machining and press fitting and broaching tonight. Then hopefully assemble tomorrow night and Sat day, and wire Sat night.

1188 still needs to

Finish Robot
Let programmers have at it

(Scout teams at UTC mini-scrimmage - that’s my Job Saturday)
Team Jobs:

  • Build - robot and bumpers now apparently.
  • Rebuild
  • Disassemble
  • Make weight
  • Compose BOM - and/or take lots of pics of the bot’s pieces so we can write it after we ship in time for our first competition.
  • Assemble
  • Program (usually we let the programming team have the bot in week 6 sometime - maybe the last day even. That’s good enough. :yikes: )
  • Take photo of complete robot as of ship time with full team for brochures and what not.
  • Pack robot
  • Inventory tools for packing
  • Pack tools
  • Ship robot
  • Breathe

Oh, and if we can do all that on time, and without killing each other, we are better than most years.

Good luck everyone! I know we will need some. :ahh:

  1. Integration of our camera code/tracking with our shooting system.
  2. Write some more Auto Code
  3. Practice
  4. Fix what breaks during practice
  5. Practice some more
  6. Fix what breaks
  7. Pack and SHIP
  8. Sleep

for our robot we had so many set backs throughout the build season that we are a little behind but for a rookie team our crew is doing great. i think we will be working on:

building robot
tweek programming
and be lucky to have a working robot to show.

We are planning a few sleep overs to get the job done so we should be mostly ok.

Finish little things here and there on the robot, practice, then get some sleep.

As of the beginning of yesterday, team 1712 had to:

Optimize Autonomous
Make any fixes if they come up

Other then that we’re looking pretty good!

umm… build half our robot?

not even kidding, that’s the sad thing :-/

You mean you are half done? Go home and go to sleep. We are just starting assembly and still finishing machining. We are the ones in trouble.

1236 still has parts to mount, but all the code’s done :rolleyes:
we can hit the low goal, the high one is still up in the air :stuck_out_tongue:
we’ve got a working bot, hooray!

Team 1843

All Programming
Build Battery Enclosure for shipping crate
Pick Robot Driver
Test Drives
Team Number on robot

Are we a little behind or what?

Make robot drive more straight
Put a ball-dumper on the top so we have SOME way of scoring
Find a way to get balls in robot
‘Decorate’ robot

  • Perfect a hopper solution
  • Finish auto-tracking code
  • add lexan panels
  • Sponsor logos
  • Neon underglow
  • clean up wiring

electronics board
fix what did not work
fix those new problems
pack it up
punish those who were uninvolved and joined merely for college credit

if i seem slightly mean it is because we theoretically have a team of 20. we only have 4 consistent people, 4 occasional people, two rare people and the rest never came at all to help at any point in the process. i bet they don’t even know the rules.

Develop and build shooter deflector
Create turret motion
Create hopper
Cut & Bend Lexan panels
Program it

We…ummm… have alot to do.