What to get my sister for Christmas?

My sister joined an FRC team this year (I just graduated and she went to a different high school) and I want to know if you all have any suggestions on a gift to get her for Christmas that would relate to FIRST somehow. I currently think I should buy her a bunch of zip-ties or her own safety goggles.

introduce her to 118 reveal videos


I think her team already has that handled.


it could be pricy but maybe a mindstorm kit?

If you want to aim REALLY high… Falcons could be good…

Since you asked it to be Related to FIRST and not just FRC… FIRST has a store themselves:


A nice set of safety glasses are great to have at competition and typically aren’t too expensive.


Depends on what she likes to do. If she does electronics, a set of nice wire strippers is really helpful (I highly recommend these, I have a set and they’re really nice to use.)

If CAD or mechanical, a set of nice calipers are very useful to have. I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I’m sure Amazon does.

If those are out of your price range or if she enjoys something else, HeyAndrewB’s suggestion of safety glasses is a really good one; they’re cheap, and then she wouldn’t have to borrow scratched up ones.

Get her a Falcon 500. It’s the only motor she’ll ever need.


You could go for this book for 2015, this book for 2006, this one for 2007 or this one for 2009.


I got myself a pair of these lighted safety glasses. They’re great when you’re trying to work on something under the robot or in a badly-lit pit.

These are a nice gift if they’re interested in the design/fab side of robotics

^^ This. @gixxy was totally into computers before he was two years old; I had to build locking ventilated cabinetry for my home PC to keep him from cycling power to watch the boot sequence. The best gift I ever gave him was an Arduino Mega. He quivered. Wouldn’t have been anything special for Veronica or @Pereichi. [Those are my three children, all FRC alumni.]


Here’s a possible list of things that aren’t just tools( with links):

Robot Earrings

Robotics t-shirts ---------- 2 ------------- 3 -------------- 4

Robotic Mug + HotChocolate
Ultimate Take a break from build season kit (with bath salts and candles
Robotics Stickers and Merch from Word Play ALL Day - Lots of great stuff

Hair-ties/ bandannas / shoelaces that are here team color

Her own pair of safety glasses - Color coordinated with her team’s colors

Custom Vinyl stick for t-shirt, pants, or car (pm me if anyone is interested, I have a family member I could convince to do some custom work if I ask nice enough)

Not completely robotics related, but still nerdy:
Dinosaur Necklace ------- 2

Gift card to a pizza delivery place closes to their team’s shop

(Hint Hint, if anyone on cheif delphi wants to get me a gift, anything above will do, especially the bath salts.)

I’ll edit this post if I think of anything else.


Second the motion. It’s an insight into how the featured teams operate.

Leatherman multitool tbh


SOG for life!

A pair of Chums to go with her safety glasses is a great gift. Super useful and you can pick a style/colour you’d think she’d like so the gift doesn’t seem generic. Maybe match her team colours. I also bought a few cases for safety glasses from there as well.

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While I will admit that other companies have better blades (Benchmade in particular comes to mind), Leatherman consistently strikes the right balance between functionality, quality, durability, and price for your average consumer.

Consider this, though: geared pliers.

For utility-ish knives, of course, Benchmade is the obvious choice. For kitchen knives and nicer folding knives that I’m actually going to take care of, Opinel every time.

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I don’t have a kitchen (yet, hopefully after I graduate) but I’ll keep that in mind