What to put in IR@H Video's?

So I’m editing our videos right now, and I want to know what people put in their videos that they found helpful. Also are there any limitations on overlays? So far I’m adding a timer to our videos, and I’m thinking of an intro about which challenge each video is of, but I’m not sure how necessary. I also want to add the circles to the power port challenges, but am not confident in my ability to do that well. What else have teams added to help the judges score their runs accurately?

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For shooting videos we put on a running shot score.

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Not specific to what to add into your videos, but we found that a bright light above and slightly in front of your 2D goal dramatically helps in judging which video frame represents the ball contact with the face of the goal. You can see the shape/size of the shadow change and it makes it obvious when the ball contacts the goal.

In addition to a clock, we are also adding circles showing the ball impact on the goal to make judging in/out/50% much easier as well as a running score on the shooting challenges.

On the timed challenges, we are simply including a clock, and have the camera set up directly on the finish line to make it easy to see when the bumper breaks the plane.

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I want to do that, but have been having trouble. I use wondershare filmora, but I don’t think there’s a good way to do it easily. May need a different software.

We are using VSDC. Simply make an oval object (make it round) and set the start time to be the frame the ball hits the goal, and pick your duration for the circle to stay on screen (we do 60 frames / 1 second). Put each circle/oval in it’s own layer so you can separately set start/end times on each. Sorry, I don’t have a link to a video tutorial or anything, but we figured it out fairly easily.