What Type of Connector is this?

I working on getting one of our 3d printers back up and running but have run into a snag. I seem to be short on of the motor cables and need to get a replacement. Is anyone here able to identify this type of connector?

It’s a 4 pin connector of sorts, just not sure specifics.

It looks like a molex connector, but it’s hard to be sure given the resolution of the photo.

Looks like a 2.54mm JST XH to me.

being a computer geek, it looks like a 4 pin pwm fan header…
but could be 4 pin molex.
what device is that?

Looked it up and that appears to be the cable I have infront of me. Thanks for the help!

It is a MKS Base V1.3 board used for xyz coordinate systems (such as the 3d printer it is controlling).

Will second this but I think you’ve already found that out.

You can find replacements at Digikey, it might take some research to get to the right one.

This is correct. They are often used for the balance charge leads on LiPo batteries. You could look at some RC hobby supply stores if you cant find them anywhere else.

If you need crimpers for the terminal pins, the Engineer PA-09 or PAD-11 is a good choice.