what type of robot will win the most?

robots who can place the ball on the overpass at the end of the match and who can put the ball over the overpass at a moderate-fast speed.

i believe these kind of robots will place first and win the championship as well

maybe with the help of a shooter… but a team of shooters will loose compared to placers…

heres why… shooters can easily be knocked out of place and hurl ball way off target just by pushing them, as well as most shooters not being able to knock the ball off the overpass in the beg.

there is a lot of flaws with shooters… i just dont see them winning it all

All the robots win, because we built them and they work. :wink:

i think this years game is based alot on the hybrid period the more you score in hybrid the more likely your going to win.

First of all, If you knock of the shooters when they are hurdling, you get a 10 point penalty.
Second, Shooters can hurdle faster.

And third, Shooter have a low c of g and so they can drive around the track faster w/o tipping over.

and last, instead of putting the ball up, you can hurdle at the end of the game, and you only get 4 points less than the arms

Shooters can do that…if they can get the ball down.

no one said u cant push them around be4 they get the ball at all =D

also i predict within the first few regionals a lot of restrictions are going to be in affect with shooting or projectile robots due to the safety hazard…

if one robot turns by accident or releases the ball at the wrong time… someone can get seriously hurt…

this worries me as well

It’ll be challenging to push them around in hybrid mode. (that’s when we’re going to first get the ball)

All of the shooters that i have seen up to now can get the ball down
Including 1726, 842, 39, 375

We can get the ball during the hybrid mode as well :slight_smile: :rolleyes:

ALSO u can push them around as much as u want, without pinning for more than 6 seconds as well as not high speed ramming for destruction…

but if u are moving them be4 they hurdle then it doesnt count as a penalty because they were already being moved

read between the lines… and the fact that they hurdle faster means that i can drive in and push them around faster as well… their best offense… is my best defense =D

I think shooters will do well because of speed of scoring. . but on that note the winning alliances WILL have robots the can place the ball at the end of the match

who says the shooters and the robots placing balls at the end won’t be one and the same?

(we’ve done this constantly during testing)

Dude… Have you read this year’s rule book? Mainly the large section about defensive pushing being strictly not allowed? You might want to go read it… And if “they” can hurdle faster, it means a few things: They’re fast driving, which means it’s hard to catch them. Oh wait, defense is banned! Whoops! They’re fast at scoring, which means they will hurdle a LOT.

My prediction is that the winning team will have two runners to bring the ball around, with one very quick hurdler sending the ball over the pass FAST, with some sort of shooting/throwing mechanism.

Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid. That term has certainly changed from last year. Bots that can consistantly score well in hybrid will go a long way. A prior post talked about removing a trackball during hybrid, what about a robot that can remove two trackballs in hybrid? You know you will see it happen. It is like any other year, certain bots will do well depending on the alliances they are with or against. The key to this year is controlled speed. I do not care if you are a lifter bot or some type of shooter for hurdling. You have to be stable and reasonably fast. Defense, well, chasing down trackballs that are being defensively pushed around will be difficult. A fast lifter/shooter bot that can possess the trackball quickly will do well. No matter how well you lift/shoot the trackball, you still have to get it off the floor. Placing is overated, unless you plan on staying put to guard your placed trackball, someone will come around and knock it down, remember, there is no protection while placing the trackball on the overpass. The benefit to placing is that you can do it on either overpass so that if you are stuck by the other teams overpass, you could place there. Otherwise, why not hurdle (protected) and zip over the finish line for almost the same points?

The best bot this year: Better than average hybrid, must be able to remove the trackball, must be able to hurdle quickly, must be able to retrieve the trackball off the floor quickly.

i have… see what i love about teaching… u look AT the book… not whats OUT of the book… er… box :wink: maybe a hint… loop-holes rule

Loop-hole? Let’s hope that either: A) Your loophole is legitimate, or B) You’re prepared to change your strategy/design on the fly in case it isn’t legal.

I think we may be on to something here…

I’ve been set from the beginning that an alliance with at least one non-hurdler will win, because the rules have not changed to allow 3 trackballs on the field. My opinion is unchanged until I see proof at a Regional that the non-hurdling bot is worthless.

Placing really should only be done in the last few minutes, or someone might knock the ball down. it’s protected the same as hurdling, i believe - after all, who is going to say we’re trying to place or hurdle until we actually finish the maneuver? for us, the two look exactly the same. Placing will come into play in two ways - first, it’ll be a great way to score an extra 4 points at the end when your team might need it - although i expect the necessity of this will be limited. Second, it’ll be a great way to score and extra 12 points at the very end when you don’t have time to race halfway around the track to try to hurdle on your side. These situations will be much more frequent than the first, i think, mostly due to the fact that it’s a lot of points where otherwise you’d get none at all.

Both ways, however, are very situation-dependent, and as such shouldn’t be something a team counts on every game to score them points.

for the winning alliance, it’ll be a combination of all types of robots, i think. You’ll have one that races around the track very quickly, and thats all it does. The other two will be a trade off against hurdling speed and ball control speed. I have no doubt that there will be teams that will be great at both of these. But many more teams will be great at one, and only ok at the other, and an alliance with two of these teams will be much better balanced than an alliance with an all-star bot and two mediocre bots. And as always, there will be teams where everything doesn’t come together like you would hope.

Please quote your rule sections: