What University You going to??


What university/college are u plannign to go to? OR are u already in one!:slight_smile:

I’d love to go to Waterloo, Ontario:)

South Harmon Institute of Technology

That’s where I am now, studying Mechatronics Engineering. It’s a great school, and the co-op program is awesome (I’ve got a job at General Motors next term).

HOW??? I didn’t get accepted by them :o … I’m a failure! :yikes:

That is good haha. That movie was really funny. But on a serious note, I’d like to go to Michigan University or Purdue.

I got in today to the University of Dayton, it’s my first choice.

FYI - This thread might be of relevence to you

I’m at Maryland. And one day away from the ENES100 (Freshman Design Course) autonomous hovercraft competition.

Your experience at FRC will really help you get through this course (except no KOP or mentors, other than your professor, TA, or TF (an undergrad teaching assistant)). It has a ridiculously awesome engineering program across the board.

Plus, it’s the only ABET-accredited (legitimate) Fire Protection Engineering program in the country, which means anyone can study that for instate tuition.

That’s the administrative schpiel! There are plenty of ex-FIRSTers here, even not in engineering.

Did I mention: we have Nobel-Prize-winning programs in both Physics and Economics and an outstanding Business school? (Business may seem lame, un-FIRST like, but Maryland designed it in a similar way to its engineering program and both are equally tough to get into)

Are you the big person in the front row of Nothing 101? :stuck_out_tongue:

Boiler Up! I’m going to Purdue University next fall.

University of Chicago. I find out from them in about 10 days.


awesome!! … im hoping to get into computer engineering!:D:D:D 5 year program:)

seeing as i’m a junior right now, no decisions for a while.

However, i’ve visited university of dayton, university of cincinnati, and purdue… I like the fact that cincinnati’s co-op program is mandatory… so if i get a good scholarship i’ll go there. (otherwise i default to purdue, being in-state and all)

Univesity of Wateloo as #1choice
University of Toronto as #2 choice

planning to go into mechanical engineering and branch off into aerospace engineering

one more year of high school though

Right now, I’m in a meeting with my engineering group at Purdue. Don’t ask why I’m on ChiefDelphi during a meeting. :wink:

Clarkson for me, the Mini Baja program is great, and there’s a FIRST team here as well, though I’m not on it, retired :wink: (Don’t ask why a retired FIRSTer is on CD, it’s a twelve step process kind of thing)

Its still a few years away for me, but I’d like to go to University of Guelph (thats in Canada. . eh?) to study meteorology surprisingly. Robotics is a hobby for me. . I enjoy it. . but couldn’t make it far in the industry

I want to major in Biomedical Engineering so Duke’s my first choice. Probably not going to happen though so it’s a UC school for me. Either Berkeley, Davis, or LA.

Kettering University!

sophomore at Saginaw Valley State in Michigan

If i could go anywhere, it would be Olin, but if i dont get in there, my other two choices are California Polytechnic and UT Austin. I’m a senior this year, and should be writing the essays for Olin right now, however, i seem to have been distracted. . . . . :rolleyes: