What VI to use with the line detector?

well…what VI do i need to use with the line detector?
and i would like someone to show a simple example of how to use it correctly.

Like with any sensor you would open a DIO in your begin (whatever D Sidecar port you have it in). It puts out a 2 digit binary 10 or 01 im not sure which is lightness and which is darkness but thats the vi. if you need an example the autonomous code that is default in the project has it working with descriptions.

In case j.cole wasn’t clear enough, I’ll expand on what he said. The photosensors connect to a DIGITAL I/O pin on the Digital Sidecar. Only one of the black or white wires needs to be connected; one of them provides a signal when the photosensor is detecting an object, and the other provides a signal when it is not. Those pins are read using the DIO In functions (WPI Robotics Library >> IO >> DigitalInput).

The Robot Framework with Game Code project shows you how to use three photosensors to follow a gray line on the carpet. It’s all in the Autonomous Independent vi.

IDK if this will help but this is how my mentors explained this to me…
Because the photosensor doesn’t have its own coding it doesn’t need its own VI. It is just a DIO and thats all that is required, although a DIO get vi is still needed…
(I put that in there because i accidently made the mistake of forgetting the Get vi.)