What Victor for VEX Controller?

Curious if anyone has connected a Victor to a VEX controller yet.
Looks to me by the specs, we can use any victors from IFI:

Anyone tried yet?

Haven’t tried it yet myself (probably because I don’t own a Victor), but IFI (or VexLabs–toMAYto, toMAHto) seems to indicate that you’re alright:


Yes , they work and your team may have some old 883’s laying around. RC car ESC will also work . Check the voltage rating of the RC ESC.

Any IFI Victor will work with Vex.

When prototyping our FRC shooter this year, we ran a CIM with an 884 Victor through the Vex controller and used the online terminal code to adjust the pwm output off the PC in real time. Here’s a picture during the prototype’s construction, and no, the Vex controller is not just posing for this picture. :cool:

Standard hobby electronic speed controllers will also work.

You know, assuming it’s durable, I would be suprised to see VeX popping up in a combat robotics leagure sometime soon. The controller/radio combo is pretty cheap for its usability and you could then spend your money on big dog speed controllers like the HV and Thor victors, as well as the Victor 885, and some of the massive speed controllers that measure their maximum sustained amperages in the hundreds.

One thing to keep in mind if your going to start using big motors and victors with the VEX module is that the Vex radios are low frequency analog. High rpm can motors can put out allot of RF noise that can screw up the radios. A couple of caps can cut down on the noise. Also, REMEMBER TO PUT SOME FUSES ON THIS STUFF. The other thing to remember is NICAD’s don’t take abuse as well as gel cells.