What Wacky Stuff Does Your Team Do?!?!?!

Below is a list of our fun stuff we (648) do and have done:

1.Last year we did a carwash… pretty typical… and boring.
2.This year we are sending a psychadelic toilet to peoples yards and asking for donations to have us remove it


  1. After every meeting we all get together in the gym and play basketball/knockout.
    2.Starting this year I will hold a fundraiser flag football tournament on my birthday… OH Yeah.:cool:


  1. Checkout our website for hidden links. Win a surprise :yikes: if you find the hidden link on my picture site… that’s pretty much the only one. :stuck_out_tongue:
    My name is Jeremiah under the Moline High

1.Our newsletter team has a really funny column called “Tea and Crumpets With Smokey and the Bandit” in which they interview an engineer/teacher with stupid questions and such.

Well that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, we also hold Halo parties at a mentor’s house on the weekends. (14 hours of non-stop Halo, so sweet!)


chuckle I’d love to do that toilet thing.

A wacky thing we’ve got going is our secret clubhouse that’s decorated with mythical stories about team members, that are accompanied by wacky antenna toppers to “represent” the live team member, like the cat in the hat hat to represent the story about a team member who stuck his finger in an electric socket.





I haven’t taken pics of the inside yet.

Our webmaster now has his own cartoon series

Two 12V neon computer lights make great robot underglow. They stopped working within 2 days, though.



Team 393 has been known to have “work-overs” (compared to sleepovers) the last weekend of build season. Team members come to school on Friday night and don’t leave until midnight on Sunday. Sleep doesn’t happen much…but we get a lot done. When we do sleep, we sleep in the gym on mats. It’s FUN!

We also have an annual Capture the Flag party at one of our member’s house. We play this great game…in the complete dark…on about 15 acres of land. It’s always a great time when 234 comes (my husband’s team)…we have a great time. Some of the kids from BOTH TEAMS “broke” into our house last year (which is across the road), stole all of our toilet paper, and TP’d our house with our TP!! (Though it wasn’t fun to clean up, it was really funny!)

photo of the year?


Yep. that would be it. i was actually vacuuming wich obviously they didn’t show. they had one person sneak up on me and “scare” me and the other take the picture. yeah, it was my idea to put the picture under a hidden link too. shouldn’t have made it so obvious! :smiley: :cool: :smiley: :cool:

Yeah i was looking for an extremly hidden link… nt something so ovbvious that could be found leading to the 2002-2003 photo of the year page… Well our team has many wacky things we have done, some things occuring at public apearances, other happening while building including the exclamation point war of our field objects…

Poorly drawn though :stuck_out_tongue: I really need to work on my style

Umm… yes, this weekend our team is at the local mall showing off and testing out our robot. we never know what is going to happen. we have had instinces where some of our “imature” team members have gone and done really stupid stuff. some of them have gone on little kiddie rides that they were probably 5 times too big for. others have used a speaker and mic to yell stupid stuff like “I wuv you” to people from behind walls.

p.s.- i’ll try to get our webmaster to put a picture of the toilet on the website.

The picture says it all. What a bunch of whackos we are. :smiley:



Every year just before xmas our team holds a “Lock-in” at a local place, actually a private residence that is rented out to people or groups for parties or such. It has a heated pool ( a must where we are located, it actually snowed at one of the lock-ins) in one room and another room is basically a “great room”. Well it seems every year we wind up getting into a flour, or in the case of last year, a talcum powder fight. Some people wound up covered along with the surrounding area. We do this around the pool so we can get the garden hose out afterward and wash the whole area down, and those covered would jump in the pool to clean off. Needless to say, some people wind up looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! :smiley:

What a great idea! I’ve got to remember that!

Update: just got back from the mall at 9:00 pm central time and went straight to a Halo party in which we also watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The mall was awesome… showed of our “tacky toilet” and raised a ton of moolah $cha-ching$. tomorrow will be even better. we had a little practice test in which I personally broke the robot twice, yes, twice. in about a frame of 1.5 hours. it’s after 1:00 am now. :frowning: tired :frowning: . although i had some mishaps with the driving, i am a pretty good candidate to run the arm and box.
well that would be about it.

Well, our team is addicted to the trial version of Halo. You will most likely see at least one computer running it at any given time in the classroom where we build.

That, and we have a bad tendency to raid the teachers lounge on the top floor of the building. (75-cent cokes…mmmmmmm)

And I can’t forget about two of the team members insisting that we install an automotive strobe light on the robot. (The LEDs would still be on there, naturally.)

As for fundraising, we’re selling palmetto trees. Then we’ve got our auction, which will have all sorts of things, including a wing party from Hooters. (There was some bickering within the team as to whether or not we should use that for our banquet. I sided with the majority–to the block it goes! :smiley: )

Oh, and we’re going to count change to load onto the local grocery store’s gift cards. Actually, it’s this Saturday at Piggly Wiggly #60 (Lake Murray Blvd.) from noon to four, if anyone from the neighborhood is reading this.

Other than that, we’re quite boring.

Whatever we do, it’s not calling up the local radioshack and asking for 6 AWG butt connectors, not at all. We have, however, determined that on enough caffine and not enough sleep, the most interesting things are said that the person did not intend. I’m sure Freud would be impressed.

Last year, we riced out our robot with neon lights (red and blue), but the tubes didn’t really appreciate impact very well. Other hobbies include quake on a projector (and wolfenstein 3d, and rise of the triad, we be old skool, or something, definitely or something), seeing who can make the most creative things out of cable ties, and who can hold the most caffine before vibrating apart.

Yeah, our neons didn’t fair so well either. I think the converter or whatever it is blew when it arched and burnt my finger. Oh well. I think we voided the warranty anyway. But they were only $30. I zip-tied my $500 camera to it once, which was a lot more risky…but we got some great shots.

Our neon issues resulted from impact, not wiring faults. 6-gauge butt connectors are ALWAYS funny, though.

When people screw up, we usually give them the prize, which is awarded by yelling “YOU WIN THE PRIZE!”. Sometimes we also give the recipient the actual physical prize, which is a bunch of zip ties attached to a plastic bag. Very dignified and all that.

We have also developed an unhealthy obsession with the following, which is simultaneously hilarious and good at explaining our autonomous features:


Our neon issues resulted from impact, not wiring faults. 6-gauge butt connectors are ALWAYS funny, though.

Dam you stole my idea or did you…

Our team, more specifically our mentor Mr. Cokeley, has developed an unhealthy obsession with a certain online video clip featuring a curious cat who jumps onto a ceiling fan, goes around a few times, then slams into a wall. Our entire team finds the video quite amusing, actually. It’s good stuff.

Our team also has a “kitchen” and “garage”. The kitchen is for people who screw up. And the garage is for people who don’t. Currently I and our teachers are in the kitchen. I broke the robot and LeGate is in for good for numerous things. Franzenburg is in for saying May instead of March for Chicago on LIVE television.