What Was The Highest Number of Cubes Scored by a Single Team Last Year?

Yes, this question is related to Deep Space. I’d like to know how many cubes total (Scale, Switch and Exchange combined) were scored by a single team (not alliance) at the very most. Was it above 24?

For a single low bot to max out this year and have nothing to do but play defense, it would have to accurately place 24 game pieces in 150 seconds. That’s one piece every 6.25 seconds. That is one blazing fast cycle time, if you ask me.

I wonder if we as a community are underestimating the value of a good low bot, again.

I think 11 cubes was the most 1 team scored. I dont think you can compare cycle times this year though. I do think it is possible to score 24 pieces by 1 robot in a match though, remember you dont have to do full cycles because you can pre-load balls, and maybe steal from the other side of the field.

To answer your first question, 4944 was able to place 18 cubes in a single match last year.

On a side note:
With the game pieces this year there will already be 2 cargo on the cargo ship (front two slots) and then 6 of your choice (either hatch or cargo up to alliance). That leaves only 16 cycles needed to fill the bottom level of cargo and hatch.

Y’all made the Switch and Exchange super sexy. There were very, very few robots who could score faster than you guys could. Thanks for that info! Looking forward to seeing you soon.