What was your 2018 Greatest Success?

We built our first effective triple threat robot (unfortunately, it takes four to be great). It worked, and we played on Saturday morning (#3 captain) on Houston/Newton.

Most generally, honestly super proud and happy with how everything turned out for our team this year; I think we made leaps and bounds from last year and one of my favorite parts of the robot had to have been how sweet our buddy bar was when climbing with other alliance partners :smiley: More specifically, though we certainly didn’t go it alone, being the captain of the finalist alliance at the San Diego Regional was yet again an amazing experience + being able to tell both of our partners that they also got into worlds through wildcard slots due to the winning alliance containing two HoF teams was great news to deliver. After that, getting to Houston and receiving the opportunity to be on the 1st seeded alliance on Newton was something our team is still in awe about and won’t ever forget. I can’t begin to express the amount of thanks and gratitude we’ve had for all our alliance partners this year: it truly was a pleasure working with each and every one of you- SDR: 2102 and 3882 :yikes: #houstonboundfinalistyear2, Idaho: 3230 and 1891 (we got picked :ahh: ), and last but finally not least Newton: 118, 3310, and 6377 <3 #SpaceHawkNarwhalBots

This season has been an absolute whirlwind for us. We went from not existing to having 1/7 of the school on the team to having 11 people on the team. We were awarded Rookie Inspiration at SFR, which was crushing because we worked incredibly hard and had our eyes set on RAS (congrats to 7137 though, they absolutely knocked it out of the park this year!). We then wound up getting off the waitlist at SVR, competing, and receiving the Rookie All-Star award, which took us all the way to Houston. We didn’t do too hot, but the experience was breathtaking.

Boiling it down to one moment, I think it was me being able to see everyone around me react to the news that we received RAS. My teammates, my mentors, my parents, and my friends in the community. That moment of gratification was something I won’t soon forget.

Being finalist at Davis was really amazing. We got incredibly lucky with 6474 as a first pick, as they had to solo the scale after we broke our elevator in QF 1. Every single match was a critical match for us after that, and we had to take QF and SF to 3 matches. But right after SF3 everyone just blew up in celebration, because we knew that there were already 3 wildcards and that we would go to champs right then! My only goal this year was to help 1072 make it to the Championship, and going there as a finalist alliance captain was the best we could have hoped for. Thank you to 6474 and 3880!
The other priceless moment was about 5 minutes later, when the head mentor (who wasn’t aware of the wildcard situation) was told that we would be going to champs. The brief look of happiness, followed by the look of horror as he realized he’d be the one planning most of a trip that the team hasn’t taken since 2005, was priceless.

Personally winning Chairman’s for the first time in my FIRST career with my new team.

For the most part I wasn’t involved too much with the submission of presentation, or with what the team does that first year, but seeing the kids rewarded for all the efforts they put into our programs was really the best feeling I’ve had at a competition yet.

Actually taking a full year off from FIRST to finish school.

This year, Team 4201 started off feeling a little bit disappointed by not having won any awards at our first regional. We were sitting at the Central Valley Regional, our second regional of the season, while award after award was being handed out, and we were feeling really down because this was going to be our first year without an award since 2013, which was only made worse by the fact that in 2017, we won the engineering inspiration award.

But luckily, that disappointed turned into overjoyed whispering as the chairman’s award script was being read, and we knew as they were speaking that they were about to call our name. We sat waiting anxiously until our team name was called, and we ran towards the field, screaming until we lost our voices. But it didn’t stop there.

When we went to the World Championship in Houston for the third time ever, and for the second year in a row, we were very happy to see that we were playing in the same division as our great friends, team 330. But in the elimination matches, we received the honor of getting to advance to the quarterfinals as the 4th robot of the 2nd seeded alliance.

Though we didn’t make it past the quarterfinals, we had a lot of fun being on the same alliance with our close friends, and two other amazing alliance partners: 2659 and 3005. We had an amazing season, and we look forward to comoeting at Beach Blitz this year! Good luck to all teams next season!

After an especially disappointing end to our 2017 season at Worlds, (mechanical failures knocked us out in the quarter-finals which was pretty devastating because we were the first seed) it was personally inspiring to come back in the 2018 season and not only play with 1678, but win the division and appear on Einstein, for the first time in our team history.

Got our team to a second regional and had motivated CAD students impress myself and my fellow mentors. Lots of good momentum came from this year despite not making it past quarterfinals (although we were finalists at the Hudson Valley Rally offseason which was really fun).

I came back home to Augusta, took leadership over my old team from high school and helped my kids make it to worlds for the first time in their generation. The FRC team hadn’t competed at worlds since 08 nor won a major award since then. We built a pretty good robot, won some events, went to worlds and made it to divisional semifinals, and got invited to IRI for the first time. It’s been a ride.

Best part to me is that everyone that went is motivated and hungry to do even better next season. We have a lot of work to do :slight_smile:

Our team had never won an event in our team’s history, we completely turned that theme on its head in the 2018 season. Our team rallied and went crazy winning 3 events with a generation 1 swerve drive that had never seen the competition field. One of these events was the Carver field at the Houston world championships. This was insane to see our team go from never winning an event to making it to the Einstein field and being able to compete with the best teams in the world and oh did we compete. Once we had made it to the field it was just about having fun and enjoying ourselves. We would happy event if we lost every match we had because making it to this field was unheard of on our team. Our team predicted that we had a small chance to win one of our 5 matches and we were ecstatic. But all of a sudden we won one match after another and finished second on the field punching our ticket to the world finals at MMP. There wasn’t one moment that I can even call our greatest success because this season was like no other we had ever seen.

We had initially gone with a suction based intake, our entire cube manipulation system was based around it and we went to ONT North Bay (Our first competition, week 5) with it, to see that it didn’t work. Rather than giving up, we threw together a shoddy intake there, and when we got back to our school, we worked over the 3 days and 2hr unbag we had between ONT North Bay and ONT McMaster to completely redesign our intake. We went on to seed highest in team history, and captain the 4th alliance consisting of us, 188, and 6878. That allowed us to go to dcmp and nearly to worlds for the first time in 4 years. (We ended up losing in a qf rubber match, but we’re looking to get there next year!)

Beating the 2nd alliance as the 7th alliance and the west michigan district event by far

We had a few, but with THOR being over the weekend, when we ranked the highest we had all season(3rd!), and were finalists overall (YAY! Thanks 2655 and 6004!), that was probably one of the greatest successes so far this season

This season has been 1723’s most successful by a wide margin. I’m sure I could list out well over a hundred, but here are some of the significant achievements.

-Our competition robot was ready to compete by the end of build week 4, and we spent the next two weeks refining systems and practicing driving.

-We powder-coated our whole robot in house. This was possible thanks to our excellent mentors and coaches. This, in addition to the cleanest wiring and mechanical design we’ve created culminated in a really cool looking robot.

-We seeded 4th at the Heartland Regional, where we captained alliance 4 to fall in semi-finals. We were the 3rd seed, and first overall pick at GKC, which we ultimately won with 1986 and 5098.

-We were ranked 4th in OPR on Newton (we know this isn’t an entirely accurate assessment, it’s just cool). Due to a difficult schedule and several mistakes that were made in the pit, we didn’t seed very well, but 1678, 1619, and 4061 decided to be kind and bring us along as the 4th bot on the winning alliance of the division. This was our second appearance in championship playoffs, and first on Einstein field.

None of these achievements could’ve happened without the help of a few key mentors and teams who really drove us to success. Thanks to 1986. The perennial powerhouse from KC truly inspired us to build the best robot we could, and we did. We’ve played with them before in elims, but never as their first pick before this year. That was an excellent experience. Thanks as well to our Champs alliance for giving our team a great time. All three teams had excellent robots, and their students and mentors were all a joy to work with. I hope The FBI get to play with them again soon.

Team 4557 bounced back to its best season ever this past year. We took a different approach this year and that was, instead of doing everything okay, lets do some things really well without being able to do everything. That idea brought us our best season ever. We decided on creating a vault/switch bot which was small, fast, smooth and efficient.

At our first event, Waterbury district event, for the first time in team history, we ranked high enough to be alliance captains (Ranked 6) and we moved up to alliance 5. Although we lost in quarterfinals, that was still such an accomplishment for us. During awards we won Engineering Inspiration for the third year in a row at that exact event.

Waterbury was great in all but it does not compare to us at Fairfield/Southern CT district event. We did not rank as high there due to our rio failing on us during back to back matches. We ranked 9 and moved up to the number 8 alliance captains and then were picked by the number 3 alliance (Thanks Apple PI for two back to back alliances!). We lost in semi finals which was great and then we won our first blue banner ever, the Chairman’s Award!

That chairman’s award win brought us to the New England District Championship in Boston. There we did fantastic yet again and ranked 11 and then moved up to the number 8 alliance captain. We lost against the number 1 alliance (195 and 319 are just powerhouses together) but we won the imagery award. There, we found out we ranked 17 overall in New England, which was a huge jump from 2017 where we ranked 85.

Then came the Detroit world championship. We were placed in the Archimedes division. There we had a more rough go and ranked 43. We expected not to be picked for eliminations and we didn’t even have our scouting meeting. Then alliance selections came around and we weren’t picked for the first 2 rounds and then the 3rd round came and the number 1 alliance (Team 67, 1114 and 5436) picked us. We were never expecting that, it was amazing. They put us in the second match due to our alliance losing our first match and we won. Then we won our tie breaker and moved onto semifinals. Lost in semi finals but it was an awesome experience regardless. That was the first time our team had ever made it to the world championship based on awards and performance.

Thank you to all our alliance partners throughout this past season! Sorry for the long post but this season was our amazing success story.

Our biggest success this year is finally winning the Finger Lakes Regional. It has taken us 8 finals appearances and some really crushing losses (2011, 2015, 2017… etc.) to finally win this event and finally take home the Finger Lakes banner. (Shoutout to 1507 and 3550)

An honorable mention would definitely be finishing our deploy hooks feature in time for IRI. It took a while, but it paid off at IRI, and big thanks to those who put in the time to finish that.

As a team, we traveled 15 hours by bus to Utica to compete in the Central New York Regional before coming back to Indiana to become the second fastest vault bot in the state. We had some struggles along the way, but we never, ever stopped fighting. And, somehow, some way, that resilience was rewarded with a waitlist spot to Championship, which meant that our seniors (who founded the team in 2015) got to experience Championship before we sent them off to their bright futures.

Personally, 2018 was my second full season as a mentor and a full-time college student. I managed to keep incredible grades and travel with my students to every competition, and keep my promise to myself that my school work would always come first. All in all, 2018 was an incredible year, so here’s to 2019!

Winning as the 8th Alliance at the District Championship. I had a hard night (the night before eliminations) figuring out the different possibilities, what could happen, who would be picked and who would remain. Then at the event to pull up to the 8th alliance captain, I was happy and both worried since our competition was fierce, but thanks to the partnership with 1885 and 422 will be pulled out on top. It fairly difficult at District Champs usually to pull a win but at several different events across the world it been shown that it possible.

Can we get a water game, as a good moment :rolleyes:

For the first time ever, we were alliance captains at every single tournament we competed in! (Two regionals, Carson division at worlds, EMCC) Usually, we rank in the middle of the pack but our double climber this year looked sketchy but was amazingly reliable. We didn’t quite win any regionals, but it was awesome to see the huge difference between our low point in 2017 to 2018.

Award-wise, one of our mentors won Woodie Flowers and a team member got Dean’s list finalist as well. Entrepreneurship award was in the mix as well. Here’s to hopefully an even better season in my last year of FRC :smiley: