What we need for falcon 500s

Hi! I’m the fabrication/mechanical design lead for team 6658. I’m ordering falcons for the first time for our team to test them in the offseason and get a hang for them before next build season but I’m unsure as too what pinions/gears i need to order along with them as they have a spline shaft rather than a keyed one. If someone could help me out that’d be great!

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ThriftyBot sells a replacement shaft that mimics a CIM output.

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Andy Mark sells a Falcon conversion kit for the kit bot. Also whatever planetary gear boxes you use typically have a falcon option as well. Vex has a Falcon spline to Hex adapter that would allow you to run pulleys. Be careful on the mounting bolts for the falcon as our team has used the wrong bolts (too long) a couple of times which will keep the Falcon from turning.

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Vex sells a number of Falcon accessories for various interfaces, including:

I’ve also had success 3D printing the spline profile directly into pulleys in low torque applications.

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