What website makers do you use to make a good website?

So I’ve been asked to make a website for my team. We didn’t have a website previously so I don’t really have anything to go off of.

What kind of website builders have you guys used? I preferably want one that’s free and is easy to use.

I used Yola to make our website. It has good templates and is easy to use but only gives you three pages if you use there free version.

Github Pages is how I do my personal site, and is probably what we’ll be moving our team to soon (Wordpress is not my favorite). You can craft your own HTML, or use a static site generator. I use Jekyll, which works great for my blog-type purposes, and has a lot of custom themes you can apply.


I personally would use something like Jekyll or a static generator, however, we don’t for our team, and I don’t think it would be appropriate.

The issue for us is that we have a “marketing” team generate a blog entry every week to month (depends on how busy it is). Using Wordpress allows them to work without knowing much about how the website is constructed, or much about HTML, etc.

So, my point is to think about your users. Who is going to be updating the site, and how often? How much handholding would they need? Then make sure to evaluate the tools with that in mind.

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Yes, absolutely! I should have mentioned: My approach is very software-developer focused. It works well if you like working with software and doing things in text editors and “deploying to production”.

If that scares the end userbase, then yes, something online with a user-friendly editing interface is definitely the way to go.

Another point: also think about the future. Who will be maintaining it in a couple of years? As the mentor that will have to “pick up the pieces”, long term stability (at least a few years) was important when we replaced our website a few years back. If the website is written in a “quirky” way because a student likes it, what will happen when they graduate?

Again, use this as an evaluation criterion. Your answer may differ from ours.

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We use Squarespace, which isn’t free, but it helped us make our website look very professional.

We use Wix

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