What week 1 event to watch?

Hey teams! Im in a predicament here… So I am interested in watching an event live stream during the week, but am not sure which event to watch. I want to be able to see some of the best FIRST teams and their strategies when playing this year’s game. Any suggestions on which event to live stream? Also, if you can, please post the link in the thread so that the rest of CD can view the action. Thanks!!:smiley:

All the events.

There are definitely standout teams at all the week 1 events I’ll make sure to watch but the 3 I’ll keep on the most often are Southfield (FIM), Hub City and South Florida.

Well even with Gameday, there are simply too many events to watch at the same time now. To the op, I would just watch the streams with the best quality/framerate. On Elimination days, you can prioritize East coast events first and then transition to west coast events.

South FL (125, 179, 233) Southfield (33, 67, 548) and Waterbury (177, 195, 230)

No palmetto?

That means we have to make a sub-GameDay now! Infinitely nested GameDay so you can still watch all the events!

… Or, we can build a feature to pick the “best match” to show you at any given time

Ok, my old rant that they are now called Playoffs, not Eliminations, or Elims. :stuck_out_tongue:

New England, Michigan, Indiana, PNW, Peachtree, Ontario, MAR, & Chesapeake Districts, will have their ElimiPlayoffs on Sunday.

The Regional events: South Florida, Lake Superior, Northern Lights, Toluca, Palmetto, and Hub City, will have theirs on Saturday.

So, being from the mideast Pittsburgh, for your viewing “waste of time”, watch the Regional Events after you get out of work on Friday (assuming you are a 9-5 proletariat).

On Saturday, start with East Coast Districts, but gravitate toward South Florida and Palmetto for their conclusions after lunch. Transfer to Minnesota, Mexico, and Lubbock (a very promising week 1 is Lubbock).

Sunday leaves open the possibility of 14 districts!
Go with the best framerate and perspective. See if PNW lives up to their previous rep as the be all end all for FIRST Robotics competition webcasts.
Airships obscuring Boilers, overhead views, 3 cameras, what have you.

Then, there is always the Haifa District #1 on Monday and Tuesday. **d bless the Sabbath.

I’ll be at Waterbury, so I will keep up with the competitions on The Blue Alliance, which has no webcasts listed as of this time.

Don’t get me started on week two, which begins on Wednesday with Haifa #2 and Thursday with the WPI District.

Dang, We had only five competitions when I started. No webcasts. You had to be there to see it.

This time vampire is a harsh paramour.

A PNW event has their playoffs on Saturday, the West Valley district event.

All Michigan events are Friday/Saturday so Playoffs will be on Saturday.

My personal opinion would be for you to watch the Indiana District event. It’s a Saturday Sunday event that should be great!

There are a lot of Pittsburgh Regional teams competing in Palmetto, so you will definitely want to keep an eye on that to see how they are doing. I know I’ll be watching them closely :wink:

Considering the entire top-tier of Indiana will be there, yes indeed! I’m stoked!

Michigan does Friday Saturday events not sat Sunday events

PNW’s Auburn Mountainview is going to be stacked this year, plus the A/V is second to none.

I’ll be watching Southfield on Saturday, and Tippecanoe on Sunday.

Hub City will be a sweet event too. Three world champions over the last four years (1477, 118, 2481) and some other pretty good teams too (2468, 624, 4063, 3847, etc.)

Palmetto will be good. Top contenders would be…

11, 120 (2016 World Champions), 343, 359 (Rarely loses any event they go to), 1319, 3490, 3824, 4451, & 6366 (Expected to be 4451 level as they work together).

That diction.

This’ll be a secondary to some other events because there are a few week 1 events with really premiere robots in them, but check out the tippecanoe event! :wink: