What Weight Class is Your Robot?

We are going to be 48" and 120 pounds.

This is an interesting concept, however teams lost some ground with this rule. I feel they should have kept 60" robots at 120 pounds and gave you a bonus of either an extra foot or an extra 10 pounds.

were 4’ 120 lbs too.

We will probably end up being 5’, but in retrospect we will see when we get there :slight_smile:

We’ll probaly be 38W X 28L X 48H, but we should be able to extend to 16 feet.

Public polls ftw!!!

I would expect no less from 111 than the biggest class possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, we are right there with 111 as far as weight planning goes currently, but it could change.

Wow i’m surprised by all of the 48" robots! I guess size doesn’t matter as much as weight (and how you use it ;))

This robot class system seems to make it very difficult to be reaching 8 1/2 ft (my presumed height needed for the top legs) with a class 1 bot, or even class 2 with some designs.

Why 16 feet?? Thats so overkill, your never going to have to reach that high, and you severly put your team at risk for getting a penalty by extending out of the 72" X 72" box FIRST has established. You may want to reconsider that.

the 72"x72" Box is only for the horizontal dimensions

In your home zone, you can extend as far as you want, as long as you remain in the home zone.

Yes but when the arm extends outward, it may breach the 72" rule.

If its 16’ vertical, itd be fine. As Brandon said though, possibly overkill.

How can 15% of you design without this in mind?

Most teams typically just build until they reach a final product. They’ll have some idea of how large it should be, but when it comes down to pounds at the end, they’ll just start lightening objects that aren’t needed to be as heavy.

Who said we were done designing? :wink:

<R12> Once the match has started, the ROBOT may assume a PLAYING CONFIGURATION that exceeds the size dimensions specified in Rule <R07>. While outside of its HOME ZONE, a ROBOT may expand up to a maximum width of 72 inches and depth of 72 inches. While entirely inside of its own HOME ZONE, there is no limit to the maximum width or depth of the ROBOT, as long as it remains entirely within the HOME ZONE. There are no height limits for a ROBOT in its PLAYING CONFIGURATION at any time after the start of the match (other than those naturally created by the ceiling height of the competition venue).

As I said, you can expand as far as you want as long as you remain in your home zone.

but in order to score on the rack you would need to extend out of the home zone. with a 16 ft arm, to have it attached to the robot and posistioned at an angle that will only reach ~8 ft vertical, the height of the tallest goal, the arm would be extending horizontally well over 6 feet this would violate the rule.

I don’t think 1568 has made up their minds yet, but I know I dont want to give up 10 or 20 pounds if I dont have too.


Right now the plan is 5’/110lbs. The forklift system will be made with all 5’ pieces of 80/20. After it’s built, we will cut it down if we need to, and lighten some parts as well. CAD is nice, but then again some parts of the robot need to be built and adjusted in person, with the actual robot functioning.

4 Feet. We’re paranoid about weight, so we needed the leeway.


Wait, we’re building a robot?..