What were your favorite moments?

What were some of your favorite funniest/best moments this season?


when we got a triple balance with this little guy hanging off the side for the majority of the match (came off right after auto) … still have no idea how our driver did it.


My favorite moment as a mentor this year: watching matches after our playoff loss at WCMP, one of our seniors (who largely handled the design of this year’s robot), said “I’m so happy we came here”.

All the time, money, and effort of competing is worth it for the experience my students take away from an event like wcmp. It’s a nice reminder of why we do this.


That time we got hit so hard our chassis rail was bent at a 45 degree angle inwards and yet it still didn’t make the swerve go out of square! We died after the hit, but the next 3 matches we drove with one really messed up rail. Pretty funny to think about now, though.

This was Q20 at WPI, happens around 1:44 in the video.

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This for sure

And also this


I would not say favorite becuase we lost in the upper bracket because of this but it was kind of funny.
Edit: Our radio fell off and I messed up the image so I fixed it.

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Getting to see that happen as a volunteer was genuinely a moment I will probably remember for years to come!

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My first go at the grueling work of being a Robot Inspector


Our team capitan’s favorite moment has to be the alliance selection at SVR


For me personally, either 1294´s swerve coming off at Sammamish (that was insane to witness as a volunteer who was RIGHT there- kudos to their driver!) or watching the brackets shake out at Sundome, which ended up with finals being Alliance One versus Alliance 8


Winning a finals match we had no business winning with a broken arm. That win felt good.


Our auton span in a perfect circle at… Umm ludicrous speeds! We scored a cube in auton that way during a match. The first time was definitely a treat to watch!


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Swerve rotation PID reversed?

X-Drive Omni + Plactions Tank, really non-normal drive system. They had this newer robot built 2 days before comp and just hope and a prayer Auton for those matches. We broke our first base at Kettering #2, redid essentially the whole bot in 1.5 weeks to be at Macomb after. We only used the Tank drive for Auton so my guess is they forget to set the left for right motor group as inverted, or they flipped it in Auton but not Teleop cuz it worked fine manually driving, just the Auton commands were wrong.

Ah. The time we broke down during elim rounds and had to bow out. Then our replacement robot started to falter. We’d done repairs by then and the Alliance captain sent a representative to see if we were operational.

“Can you prove that it will keep running?”

“Would you like us to run it into a wall repeatedly?”


Off to the practice field.

Bang. BANG. Me to our driver: “Aw, 'cmon, is that all ya got?”


Soon thereafter we were thrown back into the final match where we acquitted ourselves well.


Surviving and actually attending competitions.

No, like for real.

We lost our build space in 2020-2022 and only recently got to have a “normal” season back at our original build space. We weren’t even sure we were going to do FRC fully until a week or two after kickoff because we had so few students, but our FTC students were dedicated enough to want to make the switch mid-season.

Favorite moments specifically after this? We suddenly got alliance captain at MVR, became the backup robot for the finalist alliance at Buckeye Regional (haven’t been a regional finalist since 2015!) and we attended Ohio State Champs.

I am just grateful our team pulled through with a successful season. Every moment was my favorite moment this year because I feared we weren’t going to have any favorite FRC moments at all.