What Wheels and Drive Train are best for Stronghold?

After seeing the kickoff video and brainstorming with my team for a few hours afterward, I got stuck on the question, what wheels and drive train configurations would be optimal for Stronghold?

Many have claimed that this is the year of Pneumatic wheels, and those were my initial thoughts too, but my mentor seemed to not find that thought very appealing. After watching videos of teams like 1114 at rebound rumble, I almost have no doubts about using them. But I want to hear what everyone else thinks about this.

Are Pneumatic wheels really the most optimal choice?
What other wheels or drives could offer similar or better performance?
What size wheel would be most optimal?
Which would be most optimal 4 wheels or 6 wheels?

Our team is leaning toward Treads, as it could be optimal in going over the outer structures.

If you made a custom tread drive before, then by all means go for it, but if you’re considering using AM Rhino Track, then I would look for other solutions. Reason being is that it’s expensive, it has an insanely long shipping time, and it’s largely untested. I also feel that even if Robot in 3 Days ends up using the Rhino Track in its robot, I doubt we would see it in high stress conditions such as pushing matches, etc.

To answer the original question, I have no experience with pneumatic wheels, but I think when it comes to the defenses it would work great. However in 2012, there were teams that made it over the center bump using performance wheels + tread. Perhaps that might reduce some weight to it.

i have been pretty active in the treads thread, already established that we do not want the rhino track (price and backup biggest reasons) our idea was to somehow mod the KOP (how exactly isint sure at the moment) and make our own treads.

Tread doesn’t have to contact the floor to be insanely useful this year. Having a set of tread to assist in the gaps between the wheels could be insanely useful. The wheels would be a bit larger than the tread pulley diameter (e.g. 4" wheels, but 3.5" tread pulleys.

IMO the big unknown is traversing the rough terrain in this setup - if the open edges are really as sharp as the field tour suggests, then the pneumatic tires and any tread solutions need to be REALLY tough.

Wondering, why would the field elements have sharp edges? Wouldn’t the people who make the fields debur them using a file for safety reasons? And in that case, would an alternative option be to use performance tread, or is that not helpful for some of the defenses?

Also to MikLast: If you do end up making a custom tread drive, brecoflex.com seems to give the option for custom treads, including the option blue roughtop. I only been there once or twice to explore, but they could provide the resources for such a drive.

My interpretation is they’re deburred after they’re made, but actions of robots on the field don’t guarantee they’ll stay burr free.

A deburred edge is still relatively sharp to something like a wheel. Not razor sharp, but able to catch and tear things easily.
Also I would not count on deburring personally.