What wheels for 6WD

our team has decided to use a dropped center 6WD for our drive. i am wondering what are the best type of wheels to use for it?

Rough top or Wedge top 4in plaction wheels. That what our team is working on now.:slight_smile:

If there was a best, every team would be using them. There are compromises to all of the wheels. And size (diameter) depends on your transmissions and strategy. Are you using the Kit transmissions? Does your strategy favor speed or power? You probably want to use CIMS on the transmissions, can you use 1 or 2 per transmission?

Our team is using 4 Plaction + 2 Omni 4 inch wheels. This made our drive simpler by allowing us to do a 6WD without dropping the center wheel. We chose 4 inch wheels because it lengthens our wheel base by 2 inches from the 6 inch wheel and 4 inches from the 8 inch wheels. With the transmission we chose, the 4 inch wheels gave us a reasonable high speed ~15.5fps (no load).

we will probably be using the toughboxes or maybe the CIMple box but we didn’t get that yet since they were short the chassis box at kickoff. we would probably want speed. and we will use one CIM motor for each side since there is the limit of four and we would like to use some on our arm.