What wheels would be best 2020

Our team is looking towards cycling power cells quickly as our strategy. We are not sure what wheels/drive train would be the best for this strategy. Looking at either pneumatic or plaction in order to get speed and terrain maneuverability, but open to any suggestions.

Pneumatic might cause a lot of unwanted bouncing when going over the bars on the field. Maybe not though, Just something to think about.

I have already seen one example of a test from Spectrum(?) where they drove over the strips and it literally tipped the robot over. Those strips are serious speed bumps. Low COG helps.

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We tested our swerves in going over the 1x3 bars and can get over it, so we are just using colson’s on them. The swerves give great maneuverability and allowed us to transverse the terrain, although going over it as little as possible is ideal.

if you also want some more information on what other teams are saying here is another forum

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