What will be the unpenalized high score for the season?

What will be the unpenalized high score for the season? The score must occur in a regular season match, but can happen at any level of competition. Unpenalized means that we take the nominal score and subtract out any penalty points. So the highest unpenalized match doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly “clean”, just that the penalty points won’t contribute to the score for the purposes of this question.

The high score will be less than or equal to which value?

  • 88
  • 94
  • 100
  • 106
  • 112
  • 118
  • 124
  • 130
  • 136
  • 142
  • 148
  • 154

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Well that’s silly, I want to see a distribution, not just an average, new poll below!

  • <90
  • 91-110
  • 111-120
  • 121-130
  • 131-135
  • 136-140
  • 141-145
  • 146-150
  • 151-153
  • 154

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Can someone explain to me how to get three bots on the second platform at the start of the match when you can ONLY be supported by the platform?

At 3’4" or 40" wide we’re looking at some pretty narrow robots.

Be small.

:man_facepalming: The choices move based on results

All I want is a multiple choice poll where I can view the results in an intuitive way, I give up on this poll, I’ll have to try harder on whatever the next poll I make is.

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Sounds like you want to write a discourse plugin.

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Someone is gunna max out the score?

Yeah right. Y’all crazy.


I stopped questioning the seemingly impossible when I saw <<insert 254, 118, 148, etc. here>> compete

154 is theoretically the max score. Realistically it could be around 139.

I may be crazy, but I got a good feeling that i wont be wrong.

Sorry about the polls - you’d definitely need a plugin for a distribution curve like you want.

Well, you can make a robot that’s 15" wide plus bumpers or have your bot raised up so bumpers are overlapped, but that’s a lot of work for 3 additional points.

You guys crazy. I had a max Einstein alliance score of 105ish. How you’re getting 140 beats me.

This is assuming a triple Level 3 climb.

I personally am assuming a double or triple level 3 climb

All 3 teams cross HAB Line from Level 2 During Sandstorm: 6 * 3 = 18
All Hatches placed on all ports (Cargo Bay + Rockets): 20 * 2 = 40
All Cargo placed in all ports: 20 * 3 = 60
All 3 robots perform level 3 habitat climb: 12 * 3 = 36
18 + 40 + 60 + 36 = 154

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ok, the max score is 154, are you predicting 12 second cycles for all teams and a 20 second triple climb at the end?

I’m just asking how in 150 seconds do you think 3 robots will be able to do all that?

He’s asking what you think the higest will be actually seen in play, not just what the max is.

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Yeah. I didn’t realize.

Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m predicting