What will make a good competable team this year?

Hi all, my question is how do you guys think teams will have the best chance of winning a district/regional. Does the robot have to do everything? Gears, Fuel, Climb or can they do 2 out 3 Gears and Climb or Fuel and Climb. Or for some reason Just gears, or just balls with no climbing

I’m predicting that weeks 1/2 will be won by robots that can assure 3 rotors and hang. As more powerhouse teams tune in their robots, getting around 40KPa in auto will be the norm for winning teams. However, I think an alliance that can get 4 rotors and hang 2/3 robots will beat a 40KPa auto if that team doesn’t have good gear control. Gear control will be the deciding factor for later events.

Team wise, having a robot that can successfully climb often is probably your best bet to play on Saturday. If you can pair that with a good gear mechanism, you’ll certainly be in the playoffs with a shot at winning the event, depending on how alliance selection panned out. Fuel only or fuel and climb only teams may seed higher in qualifications but perform relatively underpar in playoffs. If a team has a well tuned hybrid machine that can perform everything short of a ground gear intake, I’d expect them to be an alliance captain.

Alliance wise, whichever team can hit 3 rotors the quickest and 3 climbs most consistently will have the best chance at winning a week 1/2 event. Any extra time after the 3rd rotor would be spent scoring fuel or playing some defense.

This thread is probably the discussion you are looking for.