What will the record number of gear cycles be?

What will the record number of cycles be? For the purposes of this question, I am defining a cycle as a gear obtained on the opponent’s half of the field being placed on an axle before the end of regulation. I’m requiring that the gear be obtained on the other half of the field because, while we might see a team score a bunch of gears that were dropped by the opponent HPs, this is not a repeatable strategy in general. This definition also excludes all gears started within the robots in auto.

I voted for 9. I think we will see a small handful of teams able to pull this off by themselves. This is also the effective maximum necessary for a 4 rotor set, as by the time teams become good enough to get cycle times low enough for this, it is more likely all three teams on the alliance will have gear autos, or at least start with a gear preloaded.

I should have been clearer, I meant this to be the record number of cycles by a single robot. Unfortunately, I did not make this clear. My apologies.

I’m voting for Over 9000!!!

In all seriousness though I think 9 is the max for a single team, auto gear included, unless they can do a 2 gear auto. Then 10. This includes grabbing gears from midfield, minimal to no defense by the other alliance, and the third auto gear is available immediately for them to place at the start of teleop.

The people who voted for >11 ruined the nice distribution :frowning:

For reference, what was the highest number of cycles last year?

From which driver station?

My gut tells me it was 971 at some point last year, but I have not seen every match (obviously).

We are scoring 10 in about 2 min with our practice bot. Add one in auto (a work in progress) and maybe another with some practice I could see us getting over 11.

As you add in defense that number will be reduced.

Was this with a full field setup with airships blocking the view?

You’re driving 45 feet to the loading station, loading a gear, driving back 45 feet, then scoring the gear, all in an average of 12 seconds?

To actually respond to this poll, I put 8. We’re doing 20 second cycles that have mistakes. I think we could get down to 17-ish, or just on the verge of 7 in 2 minutes. I don’t see anybody getting way faster than that, so I voted for 8. Now that I’m thinking more about it, maybe someone could get 9.

Video or it didn’t happen.

I voted >11 before reading the thread, my apologies…

But going back, I think 9 is possible by a single bot if they can get 6 - 7 cycles and pick up dropped gears from the floor

We will be happy to post a video post-bag.

Cool. We’ll be happy to wait.

10 gears in 2 minutes means an absolutely insane cycling time…I’m more eager to see this video than 118’s reveal video.

I believe 9 will be the record this year for a single bot. Once you get 3 rotors turning, there’s really no point in going for that 4th rotor; there’s no time. If an alliance is shooting for 4 rotors then there will be multiple gear bots running cycles which limits the top tier gear bot’s chances of reaching 9 cycles. That’s assuming absolutely no defense being played.

IRI Robot Skills Challenge 2017

Well at design review they did say they were going 18.6 fps in high gear…

Well, 10 in 2 minutes on a practice field is probably easy if you don’t have 5 other robots driving with you, 1 of which might be actively trying to stop you…

I think the >11 people probably took the poll to mean cycles by alliance, and the 8-9 group thought it to be by single robot.

I voted for 9. Teams in 2013 could get off 6.5 cycles from feeder to shoot, but I figure offloading a gear might be a hair faster than firing off a volley of frisbees.

9 seems reasonable for top-level gear cyclers. Dedicated ones with a fast way to plop that gear on the peg. 10 I could see as a world record. 11+ is outside of what I would reasonably expect from teams, but someone will always prove you wrong in these situations.