What will the Winning score of the Final Match be?

9 days from now we will crown 4 new world champions. What will the final score of the last match of the Recycle Rush Season be?

252 points.

Voted for >400.

In protest of the bad game and the two Championships plan, one alliance will intentionally toss their three cans to their opponent, and the final score will be 412 to 0.


I think 290 is going to be the score, since by Einstein it’s likely there is one powerhouse alliance who are getting every can each time. And with 7 cans, 290 is more than doable by 1 amazing stacker and 2 very strong stackers.

249 BUT… We’ll know in the first second if it’ll be a barn burner or a yawn fest. We’ll just have to see if the RC’s get split or are all stolen by one side.

No vote for Red Card?

I guess <200 would be. Because isnt a red card match scored as 1-0?

Depends on how the can wars turn out. But I think it could be less then 200, especially if 2 robots get tangled with each other.

Interesting thought.

How about all 6 teams e-stop after not running autonomous.

I believe you can still e-stop during autonomous for safety reasons. Just make sure your robot has autonomous code that flails outside the field wildly and they’ll shut you down before you can even reach the button.

This reminds me of another particularly weird and unlikely scenario…

What happens if every team that the #1 seed selects for elimination matches declines the selection? This, of course, means that no teams can be selected by remaining alliance captains and that no teams outside of the Top 8 could be backups.

Would we have an elimination tournament with 8 one-team “alliances” and just crown one team as the champions?

Awesome! I’m visualizing the line of robots on one side building stacks of 6 to set on the shelf ready for the other alliance to score. Co-op, we all win championships right? No? What?!?

Obviously the likelihood of this scenario occurring on Einstein is slim to none but nonetheless…

Assuming my math is correct, the theoretical max score in a match by a single alliance (without co-op) is 394 points.

Auto: robot set + container set + stacked tote set = 32 points
Totes: 12 (step) + 28 (landfill) + 30 (human player) = 70 totes available to one alliance
70 totes / 6 per stack = 11 stacks with 4 totes left over

Out of the 11 stacks, assuming the alliance obtained all 4 step bins (and still managed to get 32 auto points), 7 would be capped with a bin + noodle.

7 six stacks w/ bin + noodle = 42 pts each * 7 = 294 points
4 six stacks w/ nothing capped = 12 pts each * 4 = 48 points

Since 7 noodles from the 10 given to each alliance would be used on the 7 stacks above, there’d be 3 remaining for human player throwing.
Assuming all 3 are scored, that is an additional 12 points.

After 11 six stacks, there are 4 totes remaining, which when scored would yield 8 points.

32 + 294 + 48 + 12 + 8 = 394 points maximum

Almost entirely useless information but I had fun pressing the buttons on my calculator so this post wasn’t a total loss.

If the other alliance throws all 10 of their noodles into your landfill, there’s another 10 points.

Or if the other alliance inadvertently threw their RC’s onto your side of the field…

Interesting to see that ~38% of people think the final score will be close to the score that won MSC (246) or lower.

For Historical Reference:
Year: MSC final score/Worlds final score
2014: 211/280 (75.4%)
2013: 145/191 (75.9%)
2012: 60/ 73 (82.2%)
2011: 111/136 (81.6%)
2010: 14/ 16 (87.5%)
2009: 115/ 98 (117.3%)

With an average of 86.65% of MSC/Worlds… This year should end with 246/.8665= ~284 points.

This the final Einstein match I would like to see:

– RCs split 5-5 in the first second of auton, and each alliance gets a tote stack and a container set.

– Each alliance puts up five 42 pt stacks, with about 15 seconds to spare

– The final seconds are spent moving litter into the landfills, and scoring totes until the platforms are packed tight

– The combined score is >500 points and the winning margin is 2 points

That would be cool. :cool:

I hope you are correct. My suspicion is two robot in a bit of a tug of war held up in RCs that both have and will not let go of. I actually suspect the winning score on some of the divisions will be higher than the winning score on Einstein.