What will you be developing during offseason?

I’ve got a couple ideas that I’ll be starting on soon, and I’m curious as to what others are doing (or if you’re taking a breather - understandable…).

I’ll be developing either a cubic or quadratic spline generator, and then applying something i’ve developed previously to that so that we can just freely drive along a spline in auton. Both west coast and mecanum drives will be hopefully supported. The drive-along-a-function code has been written, but not even tested yet. We shall see…

So, what are you up to this offseason?

A better sleep cycle.

Still just poking around at Kontrol Freeks though

we are building a new rr bot with our new resources. First waterjet components sent out to our sponsor yesterday :slight_smile:

New members

Building a new (second) Recycle Rush robot for the off season to be designed and built by the incoming freshies (with some help, of course). So far it looks like it will be a great group - I can’t wait to see what they can come up with.

Here would be a great starting point for you for your project: https://github.com/faust1706/Smooth-Swerve

I don’t generate my path off of splines though, that is something you could add to it. I’d love to see an analysis of both and see which one is better (accuracy and runtime)

For FRC: Literally restructuring the entire team. Recruiting new members, learning how to use the new Fab Lab at our school, building a t-shirt cannon.

For FTC: Learning to use Fab Lab, ridiculous amounts of outreach (except for July, that’s break month).

Personally, I’ll be designing a parametric belt-in-tube drive with a variety of configurations, and learning to program the RoboRIO with LabVIEW, Java, C++, and Python. Also more work on a mini series of robots/drive trains that is three months overdue and considerably over budget.

Teamwise: Building new members and sponsorship’s (which we seriously need to work on)

Personally, i will be trying to learn HTML and CSS over the summer, along with blender.

Immediately: Chairmans and some kind of vision code. Currently im leaning towards learning to use opencv and running python code on a raspberry pi.

Hopefully: Learning lisp.))))


For me, I’m sure TBA needs a thing or two I can do

My team is planning on a Maize Craze off-season event, so I’ve started coding a Field Management System for it

It’s much easier than coding one for any modern game because it won’t involve any communication with the robots.

It would be cool if we could bring our original robot to the event to do that but sadly FIRST has the robot and they aint givin’ it back.

A cornball served on a flaming spork - I wonder if you can get that at the Foundry?

Our underclassmen are building a new recycle rush robot out of our practice bot for CAGE match.

Why does first still have your robot.

As an artifact of early FIRST history, it is on permanent display at The FIRST Place. Can someone who has visited more recently recall a few of the other robots on display there?

We were thinking about making a robot for the new people from the 2014-15 season. We are thinking about making a robot that shoots footballs. That’s just one idea though.

Might have something to do with page 8, item 15. Despite this, some photos on CD show teams with their 1992 robots. I wasn’t born yet, so I don’t know how this came to be. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this?

I’m guessing that some teams successfully made “arrangements … for release of the machines for display and educational purposes”, and others did not. Not necessarily through persistence or lack thereof.

I’m glad FIRST realized that the greatest inspiration would come from a robot being in possession of the team that built it. It’s a shame that they didn’t back-date that decision.

Students and leaders.

Would you please be a bit more specific?:rolleyes: (methods, not names!)