What will you score in teleop?

How many game pieces do you estimate, your team will score in teleop on average?

This should be real interesting to come back to after the first few weeks.

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Took forever for this thread to show up. Everyone ALWAYS OVERESTIMATES. EVERY YEAR.

With typical misplaced optimism, everyone is going to score:



With great scoring power comes great responsibility.

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I think hitting 12+ may be possible on an open field with no opponents or teammates, but with teammates and chaos I think 7-8 will be a good match for pretty much all teams. If each team averages 1-2 in auton and 7-8 in teleop, then the game will be maxed every match. That seems exceedingly unlikely


I couldn’t agree more. I do wish the GDC would address the tie break issue. While I don’t believe we will see maxed out scores for regular events. With the championship going back to a true championship and all the best teams will be showing up at the same place I think division winners will be putting up Max scores.

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Are you talking about a single team or the whole alliance?

I’m gonna assume you mean a single team, in which I think on average at week 1 and 2 events teams will score about 4 or 5 game pieces, any more is extremely optimistic there will be a bunch of robots on the field blocking your path.

I think absolute high-end like einsteins stuff might be 8 per team max.


Full field cycle times will be the norm in the playoffs. Take off 15 seconds for auto and 15 seconds for end game. That leaves 120 seconds for running game pieces.

15 second cycles would yield 8 game pieces. That will be very hard to accomplish.

20 second cycles would yield 6 game pieces. This will be teams that compete at district and regional events finals.

With 164 votes in the pole 28% say they will deliver 8 or more game pieces. There are a lot of optimistic teams IMHO.




reminder that really good teams in 2017 were doing 4-5 cycles in tele-op. this game will have way more congestion at the scoring locations and has game pieces that are more difficult to collect and score.


But all of them in the low nodes



My vote of 5 is very optimistic for week 2 regional, and (hopefully) underestimating our week 4 regional performance.

is there a poll for how many robots will tip over yet?


looking at the everybot going across the field and scoring I feel like it could tip over even without anyone hitting it if drivers aren’t careful

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Will we see the return of the triple tortuga this year?


Went back and checked our old scouting data for our personal teleop averages:

First Event:
2017: 5 gears
2018: 7 cubes
2019: 3 Hatches, 3 Cargo

Second Event:
2017 : 11 gears (this data point is with a major * since we got a lot of dropped gears near our airship due to bad springs at the event and kept rescoring them)
2018: 9 cubes
2019: 4 Hatches, 5 cargo

This is much less when compared to 2022 where we scored on average: 11, 12, and 15 during teleop at our 3 regionals. We have improved our fundamentals (machine reliability, touch it own it, driver prep, vision assist, strategy) a lot during the pandemic. We also have another regional to improve at before champs this year. These combined lead me to believe we will do slightly better than we did before the pandemic but still below our 2022 numbers because of the nature of the game.

South Florida: 7 game pieces
Orlando: 8-9 game pieces
Rocket City: 10-11 game pieces

So 9 game pieces average before champs I think is realistic (this will not count if we take game pieces scored low and put them somewhere else, but will count if someone feeds us or drops a game piece and we pick it up)


No, 42 is the obvious answer. Now, let’s get to the question…


Really good teams were doing 8-10 in a match in 2017. Remember that in 2017 40% of the quals matches at Champs achieved the rotor ranking point. Usually one team was carrying an alliance.


Honest answer? 4 on week 1, more depending on how much drivers are able to practice. Our drivetrain and manipulator should me more than capable of doing way more but as usual, practice will be a big difference maker here.

Hopefully somewhere between 1 and 27 game objects. :slight_smile: