What Workshops are Offered at Your Kickoff?

What workshops are being offered at your Kickoff event this year? Many kickoffs include workshops for teams and/or mentors.

If you are interested in holding/attending a workshop on subjects of a non-technical nature (ie Fundraising, travel, teambuilding, team organization, etc.), perhaps NEMO can help. NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) is comprised of close to 50 mentors from around the country. We can put you in touch with NEMO mentors from your area who may be interested in organizing a workshop with you.

If interested, PM me, Rehead Jokes or Robomom and we’ll see what we can do to help!


I think that is what you are looking for. Has listing of all Remote Kickoff and Workshops

Thanks. These are “official” remote kickoffs. But I know many teams have their own, or go to local ones. Those are the kickoff events I was referring to.

I think in the Rochester area there are only the official workshops for the kickoff, as all of the teams seem to be working to help eachother and plan together right now.

RIT has been hosting a series of workshops covering electrical, kit of parts, mechanical, pneumatics, and programming, but I havent heard much from the other teams on NEMO type stuff.

We are one of the rookie teams (I think there are 8 now) from Rochester and would definitely be interested in seeing Fundraising & Travel workshops (and not necessarily related with the kickoff). Anyone in our area that could help?