What would a FIRST Triple Crown be?

If this was the case how did 111 WEildStang win at Midwest 2006.

WildStang has never won an Engineering Inspiration Award. Are you thinking of WFA?

I love baseball so I think of the baseball version of the Triple Crown (most home runs, most RBIs, highest batting average)

Therefore the Triple Crown at an event should be about the offensive power of a team.

To win the Robotics Triple Crown, your team needs to have the:

  1. Highest alliance score in a match.
  2. Highest average alliance score.
  3. Most wins.

In the horse racing sense I agree. It should be:

**One of the toughest regionals
IRI **(The toughest event of the year :smiley: )

In one year, thats the key. As students graduate and stuff changes etc, extend the “Triple Crown” over an entire team’s history doesn’t do the award justice. Like was said before, its so hard to get the baseball triple crown because you have to do it all in one season.

3 Regional Event Winner CAPTION or go UNDEAFEATED at atleast 2 regionals (Including Elimination Rounds)

Championship winner CAPTION or UNDEFEATED on DIVISION Feild (Including Eliminations)

Chairmans Winner at Championship, (Must win chairmans at regionals)

all or a combo of Website/Animation/Woody Flowers Award winner at Championship at any two regionals.

Thats just as hard as winning the triple crown in horse racing



those are the toughest competitions right now.

EI or a Technical award

those are the one that guague a team’s program the best IMO.

Either #1 seed in division atchampionship, winning championship, and National Chairmans. Or All at one regional WFA, Chairmans, and the regional. It’s hard to think up what could be call the “triple crown”. I’m not sure if just three thing are enough, maybe 4, 5, or more things can be introuduced. :smiley:

Since you have to win a Regional Chairman’s in order to win the Championship Chairman’s, that’s not really a “triple” crown, because Championship Chairman’s would automatically give you 2 legs of the 3.

I would say Chairman’s, Championship, and any other “unrelated” award such as animation, website, etc. to show all-around domination.

However, I still agree that “HOT team nailed it”. Awesome

You aren’t making it a “true” Triple Crown with this selection. Since the entry requirement to win the Championship Chairman’s is first winning a Regional Chairman’s award, you actually make it easier to accomplish this feat.

In baseball, although Batting average, RBI’s and Home Runs have a tendency to trend in the same direction, it is very common for three separate individuals to lead these categories each year. You eliminate this “separateness” when you recognize the Chairman’s CA winner for their Regional win as well. (It would be like tossing Home Run’s out and recognizing someone for hitting .300+ average and recognizing them again for the batting average title.)

I would still argue that WFA is a mentor achievment AND a team achievement. The team wrote the essay, and it just seems to click with regional winner and chairmans award winner. Has any team yet been able to win all three of these in the SAME year? I know my team has done it over the course of three years, but if no one has done it yet, i think its pretty hard.

If you wanted to call it a Golden Crown, then you could include Website, Autodesk, and 1st seed, along with regional winner, chairmans, and WFA.

The champion Golden Crown would be all of this on the championship level.

Nobody’s done it on the Championship level (HOT’s come the closest thus far, with the WFA win coming about three years before their Chairman’s and Championship run), but I know 25 did it at NJ this year. (Champion, Chairman’s, WFA, #1 seed, undefeated. Not bad, eh?)

Triple Crown at a regional; WFFA, Chairmans, Champions.
Championship event; WFA, Chairmans, Champions.

I would argue, if we are in the true spirit of FIRST, and we’ve been doing the homework, the triple crown would be this:
Regional Champ
Chairman’s Award
Rookie All-Star by mentored team

Championship Chairmans, Championship WFA and Championship Winner