What Would Be Good Robot Combinations for Einstein?

Now that our team is heading to worlds, we were wondering what the best or coolest match-ups would be at Houston/Who would you want or not want in your division.

Before you get flamed, FIRST is an international competition, so the proper term is “Worlds” or “World Championship.” Calling it “Nationals” devalues international teams who have qualified for CMP.

To the question itself, 2910 is a scary force. If im not with them, I dont want to be against them.


Yeah, we use the words interchangeably, but you’re right it should be Worlds. I’ll change that now


Bold prediction: the winner will be 254, the #2 seed in their division, and a defense bot.


Ill make it bolder: 254 wont be in the top 3 of their division.


The best rocket bot and the best rocket/cargo ship bot (someone who primarily plays the cargo ship but can also score points in the rocket), along with a good defender with a level 2 climb. The top two teams should have a level 3 climb and a level 2 climb or maybe even 2 level 3’s (like 51 and 1718 at Troy this weekend).

@bobbysq From what 254 has shown this year, I don’t think they have a very good chance to win world’s. First of all, to win worlds, a team has to get somewhat lucky. You can be the best team in the world and still lose worlds (look at 254 in 2015). The chances of 254 getting that lucky 3 years in a row are unlikely. Second of all, their robot has not ranked first once this season (the first time since 2016), and I doubt they start to do so at World’s.

E: This is nothing against 254, they are still the best team in FRC history (50 blue banners, 4 championships, and being HOF makes them so in my mind), just not the best one this year (like they have been the past few years).


Based off of what I’ve seen, 254 is a good robot, yes, but they are so many that are better that I can’t really see them outscoring the other teams.(As long as their division is fine and they don’t encounter any problems)

Match-ups that I have personally seen work extremely well are 2 rocket bots and 1 cargo ship bot. No defense whatsoever. The strategy of outscoring two robots with one seems to be working but then again, robots that are crazy strong alone might be easily defendable.

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I think 330 wants to go out with a bang for their last championship. I wouldn’t want to be in there way. Otherwise there’s going to be some blood spilled


It’s one thing to be good at scoring, but this year you also have to be good at dodging defense. 254 has a huge target on it’s back, and so do all the S Tier teams, and it’s going to come down to how well they can dodge defenders. Personally, the best juking and spinning I’ve seen is from 1323 (MadTown) and I honestly think they’re going to win it this year.

If you get a team like MadTown paired with 3245 (The Ravens), who I think is probably the best defender I’ve seen (they completely shut down Lambot and Spartan at the same time in Utah semis), then you can dodge the defense while shutting down their best scorers.


I’ve seen MadTown and they have one of the highest cycle averages along with being a rocket bot and playing through defense, so to say they might win is definitely not an understatement. I always thought a defense bot would have been extremely useful but it would need to be a good cycler as well since you don’t wanna run a 2 v 2.3


If 254 had a bit smoother controls and more driver practice, they would be incredible (more than they already are). Watching their play at SVR gave us a glimpse of how powerful the elevator/turret/wrist combination can be when it comes to scoring around defense. They could practically reach around the rocket to score cargo and hatches.
However, comparing the match play from 254 and 1323, 1323 is a clear winner in overall “smoothness”. If 254 comes out with big improvements in the next two weeks, I don’t think it’s out of the question for them to win it all again. However, 1323 definitely seems to have better odds from what I’ve seen so far.


1323 and 971 have pretty insane cycle times even with heavy defense. 1678’s triple climb is also something to really look out for because that could bury you right at the end.


Since we’re all piling on the 1323 train, I’d love to see 1323 and 2910 on an alliance together, swerving to an Einstein win.


The triple climb from 1678 imo is probably going to win since they’re also running 15 cycles from my team’s data. The thing I like about this year however, is that there is no clear winner


I would like to see an alliance of:

Cheesy Poofs
Bomb Squad


OP Robotics
Bedford Express
Killer Bees

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me why I chose these.


Killer Bees has been an enigma to me lol. Their robot seems prepped for a level 3 climb but they haven’t used it yet. Other than that they’re a great team.

I’ve seen great defense work out for some alliances, not so much for other alliances. It all depends on the quality of your other 2 robots and how good of a defender you can pick (if your only choices for defenders will score more for the other alliance through penalties, then you should go with 3 offensive). If you have 2 mediocre robots, it might be better to have the 3rd robot play offense. If you have 2 good to great robots, then a 3rd will just slow down your cycle times (my analysis for this game has been when the cycles get really fast at champs, then there won’t be enough places for teams to cycle from and to comfortably). I’d rather have my 3rd robot slowing down the other alliance than slowing down me.

Your defender also doesn’t need to solely be a defender. We had 6117 on our alliance at Troy and they could both play amazing D and some good offense.

We’ve also had a lot of defensive play in FiM, so that may skew me more towards a 2 O + 1 D strategy, which is what most alliances have been doing here.

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They can level 3 climb, but they haven’t used the triple climb they showed earlier in the season (not sure if they ever will).

Edit: might as well reply in this post rather than create a new one. @SoftwareBug2.0 team 16 is going to Detroit so they can’t pair with the Houston teams.

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Yeah, I get you. 108 at our regional (South Florida) was that type of robot, however, they were the only proficient scorer on their alliance.

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