What would the FIRST community like to know about Ukraine / Ukrainian culture / Ukrainian food / Ukrainian language etc

Hey! My name is Nikita and I’m a community captain in the first Ukrainian FRC team. We just had a big meeting of all the medias in the team, where we discussed the plan for the development of our social networks and our reputation in general for the next year. We decided that next year we should focus on the dissemination of Ukrainian culture, language, traditions and other things related to Ukraine. I would like to ask you what posts related to Ukraine would be of interest to you?


What’s your favorite food that you have the recipe for?

The wife and I are always looking for new ones!


I’ve always loved learning about other Culture’s Festivals and their surrounding Traditions and Cuisine!

+1 for food.

Also, teaching us Americans how to use the metric system.


I like to eat so I’d love some cool recipes!

As someone whose family member went to school in Ukraine, I’d agree with most people here that your team should share recipes as part of your culture initiative. I’d look favorably upon a borscht recipe :slight_smile:

Other things that would interest me: traditional clothing, general student traditions (American examples would include graduation, prom, etc.), holidays, etc.

Never happen. :japanese_ogre: :slight_smile:

We’re inching our way there.

Matter of fact I built a part earlier today that had both Imperial and metric units.


+1 for typical foods, especially if they are easily replicated

Anything fun and interesting. Any traditions, such as jumping into the sea or into a frozen lake on New Years Day or bathtub races



Traditions would be cool

first Ukrainian FRC team

Welcome! This is great to see. Culture and traditions are very good choices. Be sure to let us all know where you will be competing.


Hello! We will compete at the Turkish regionals, but in order to spread our ideas around the world, we have created and are actively maintaining pages in social networks, where we will publish many posts about Ukraine and the Ukrainians. For example, here’s our Instagram page: @neurablink.7851!

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I love throwing 6 mm nuts in the 1/4-20 nut box. American cars have been mostly metric since the 80s.


No, he isn’t.

He’s not throwing 8mm nuts into the 5/16-18 nut box.

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Is he adding a few 1/4-28 nuts in withe the 1/4-20’s?

Do you have a good recipe for halušky? I haven’t had any since I lived in Pittsburgh.

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