What would you do if FIRST was canceled?

I was thinking the other day about how incredibly involved teachers, mentors and students are in the FIRST program, when I remember back to the days of Battle Bots. While the two bear minute differences, the question could still be posed:

What would you do if FIRST abruptly stopped? This includes FRC, FVC and FLL programs, just completely halting suddenly. Regardless of the reason, how would you be impacted? I’m just curious for some of the insightful comments that some of you might contribute.

My mom also got me on April fools last year saying that Nationals would be cancelled due to a fire in the Georgia dome… you can imagine how I felt

I could get some sleep during the months between June and April (inclusive).


I think it would be sweet to try to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge, that is if there is another one, or possibly another similar event.

Rent a moving van and make a stop up at Clarkson. I’m sure they’d have a few things I could take off of their hands. Irrational and Denominator are definitley in need of some love.



Man, if that happened, i have no idea what i would do. Robotics is my life. I guess i would actually have to study and/or get a life. But hey, Dave has a point, we can all get some sleep.

Even though I rather not think about what would happen if FIRST just stopped, I would help build a home for retired robots.

Edit: I would join SECOND and start a team.

Life would lose all meaning.

Therefore, to bring harmony back to the force I would have to start rebuilding FIRST under the name of SECOND (Science and Engineering Can Overcome the Noticeable Depression.), one team at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

smile and go snowboarding.

I already beat you to the punch on that one long ago Art. Actually, I think its called LAST (Lunatics Against Science and Technology). Its a bake-off. I tend to think alot about it during the month of Febuary.

cry… then sleep… a lot… then maybe do some skiing in wintertime… and maybe a year or two later try to start my own FIRST (Im stupidly stubborn & ambitious like that) ::sigh::.

Life without FIRST? Hmmm… guess I could:

A. Get an MBA, take up golf, and join the Republican Party, or

B. Shave my head, take up rock climbing (again), and become a Zen Buddhist, or

C. Sulk, take up space, and become more and more obese, or

D. None of the above. Find some like minded folks and invent a scheme for changing the culture to one that celebrates the things we care about.

What would I do if FIRST stopped? Crawl into a corner and cry. Then I’d go to college and sign up for their robotics program. Suffice it to say–life without robots is incredibly boring. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t we all be ending our comments with “Long may it live!”? Or some other verbal equivalent to a knock on wood.

At any rate, there’s always other competitions around. I’d probably spend more time with the BEST teams and tinkering on my own projects now that I’m a grad student and all. More crazy demos of different things at schools. Speaking of, I should have one to show off at Lone Star and maybe GLR… Crosses fingers

I’d be listening for the hum. Then the murmur. Then the noise. Then the roar.

And then I would smile and say, ‘they’re back.’


I’d probably just curl up and die… :frowning: I honestly don’t remember what I did before FIRST… life must have been pretty boring. What would we post about on CD?

I would probably get really depressed for a couple of weeks and be bored because I would not know what to do with all my spare time. Then I would get all my backed up sleep and form some sort of engineering club with a couple of my ex-robotics friends.

finally get a real vacation (haven’t had one in 8 years of so)

If FIRST was canceled I would try to find a group of people who like me love this program and would try to help start a new program with the same goals. Although sitting on the committee trying to host a VEX Championship in Michigan has showed me just how complex the entire program is. So it might be a task but I believe we can handle it.

FIRST abruptly stopping? Before I even get to go to my first competition?
That would be the complete opposite of cool. It would be…not cool. I would like build a robot and take it to the Colonial Center and try to get in…to compete…with myself, at any rate.:stuck_out_tongue: I may be arrested for tresspassing, but it’s worth it, somehow.

And then I’d join SECOND.

For safety, “Long live FIRST!”:smiley: