What would you want in a simulator?

Just out of pure curiosity, what would any of the people here on Chief Delphi want in an FRC simulator?
I am purely asking this because I am very bored around here and this is what popped up in my head.

I personally think it would be very cool to have some way to import robot cads and drive them around/do something with steam workshop (very hard to do bu if I had to choose one that would be it)
second would probably be more controller support


But is there anything that stuff like Synthesis doesn’t have that you want?

basically FTC/FRC sim but with previous FRC games as well (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 come to mind)


I think the frc and ftc sim by gluten free is a lot of fun to play for all

Are you looking to make a simulator that’s fun to play, or useful to test robots in?

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I’ve only had time to play on the simulator made by FTC 11115 Gluten Free. I have yet to try the one made by FRC 3117. I’m biased but I’d like an everybot since our real life robot is basically the everybot (FRC 3117 has it in the sim, i just never had the time to try it yet)

When I gave it a shot about a year or two ago, code emulation did not work (at least for Java). It also didn’t support non-convex collision boxes, which made it really hard to simulate interaction with game objects. So both of those would be good additions.

Anything with online multiplayer would be insane, also, open source


That I can easily host on AWS or somewhere. I didn’t have much luck with that with the FRC 11115 simulator.

Physics and electrical system simulation.

I’m going to suggest looking at: https://ignitionrobotics.org/home

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Depends what you mean by simulator, if it’s for like functional purposes or a game. Catalyst 2012 on Xbox 360 is a fantastic simulator. Back in 2017 at LSSU, everybody on the team piled in a room and played it until probably 3 am, setting up a little tournament (pretty sure the room may have been 1114 also). It only supported 2 v 2, so it would’ve been great to have 3 v 3. It got super intense, we started flipping robots over through defense, etc.
It would be great to have a a simulator that feels like a video game, allows robot customization, 6 player support. There is something different about Catalyst 2012 compared to other simulators that just makes it fantastic.


I want a code simulator that runs in a web browser. No tricky installations, integration in your code, no github, those are all barriers (should they be is a completely different question). I want a url that I can have someone point and click, and it give them a robot that they can run code on. Hundreds of programming teams suffer each year because they don’t have a physical robot to play with and test on. I want this ended.

If you don’t plan to make it, I sure do.


I completely understand what you mean. I am the lead programmer of my team and I always have to wait for the build team to be finished (which takes forever) before I can test anything

Regarding running robot code without a robot, if you’re a C++/Java team, have you used the desktop simulation feature built into WPILib? Also see my recent RSN workshop video for a brief intro, simulation part starts at 34:37.

We don’t have physics models built into WPILib yet, but even without that, this is still a very useful tool for code testing.


It would be great to have a simulator which allows robot customization and 6 player support. (Like Catalyste)

Synthesis is probably my favorite. However, it would be better if I can upload Solidworks files directly to synthesis.

I have tried it out but I don’t see it as useful for when I have to test encoder rotations for something such as autonomous

Yes, that’s currently true. We’re looking at adding basic physics models (e.g. for drivetrains, arms, elevators, etc), similar to what RobotPy offers, to enable that type of testing.

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Synthesis needs a ‘brake’ mode, where the robots stop jittering/moving while you’re not touching the controls, and it would suit my purposes just fine. Its primary purpose (for me) is to get perspectives on the field - from the human player station, and from the robot’s perspective. So if you wanted to fix that, go for it! Synthesis is open-source, iirc.