What's a good external gyro to use

We’re looking to use an external gyro this year so that we don’t have to place the RoboRio or NavX in the robot center. We’re looking for suggestions for a good external gyro. We’re really only looking for a single axis one for rotation but I have a feeling most will be 3-axis. Thx.

There’s some discussion here that might be helpful:

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Just a reminder that a NavX Micro can be located in a separate location than the roboRio. Even a standard NavX can, if you use a ribbon cable.

We have had good luck with the pidgeon:

Here a list of gyros used in the FIRST community: http://findrobotparts.com/sensors/categories/13/tags/212

You made me check the post date to see if this was an old topic that got resurrected.

The Navx works great for us, very easy to use and super accurate, along with more sensors than you could ever want built in

One option is to use an SPI cable to place an ADXRS450 gyro (from the 2017 KoP) away from the RoboRIO. In our parts manual we have two lengths listed (pages 36-37). The gyro itself is on page 195.


We are going to try the Pideon IMU this year. Cheapest one to buy, and we were intrigued with the CAN bus connectivity.

(We had issues with the NavX Micro connecting some matches over USB, mostly loose wire, I think we had USB stack issues too, but can’t confirm it)

Ditto. We had noise issues with the ADXRS450 and then it got fried somehow. I also like that it can just be plugged into a Talon SRX and get power and data straight away. I would think that you could use a drivetrain Talon since usually just one per side has an encoder and the others are slaved to it.

We absolutely loved the Pigeon IMU, we used it on our swerve last year and will be using it again this year.

Hands down the best Gyro to use. We also love plugging it into the Talon.

I’ve heard from several folks that if you use CTRE motion profiling it might just be tied in to that as well. That’s exciting.

Yes: See GitHub - CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix5-Documentation: Phoenix-Documentation

Exciting stuff.