Whats a unique way of scoring that you think would have been good but probably impractical for this year?

Title. My 2 ideas would be a nested catapult that shot in a 1-2 sequence each time so that you dont have to load the catapult before the second shot just load the ball. And I would to love to see more traversal climbs with high bar skips, mine would have been a 118 style tube climber (2020) for the distance and a fold and clip to the front to get the reach.


I’m still convinced there’s a simple and effective way to launch two balls at once into the high goal that saves a fair bit of time from shooting the balls one at a time.


Dual angled catapults. Its the way to go trust me

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Jump to traversal climb.

Oh wait…


Height limit notwithstanding, the jump shot!


One thing that crossed my mind: The value of storing two balls is less for robots good at shooting from anywhere… What about storing one opposing alliance’s cargo to increase scarcity for them & intaking/shooting one ball at a time Anyone doing this? (I haven’t seen it)


I need to go back and review some videos, but I honestly thought I saw a team at NE Pease that was shooting 2 balls from 2 different locations inside the robot. I was too far and was not seated so cannot recall and cannot locate this robot at the event so for I know, they might just be very fast at loading the 2nd cargo and shoot. I thought it was from 2 different locations inside the robot because the trajectory/height were no where near the same and both went in the high goal.


What do you mean by “nested”? Is 1740’s robot similar to what you’re envisioning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBBkyJ_h2sQ


I know Ranger Robotics - Team 3015 - The Blue Alliance had dual shooters with dual intakes.


We messed around with a dual cradle catapult (NOT dual catapults) for a while.



You made two whole robots and couldn’t give me this one…


Nested as in having the cradle of the 2 catapults occupying the same space and one is nested above the other so all that needs to be done is load the second ball to use the second catapult.
Only reason for this over dual seperate catapults would be space savings.

Bounce-catcher intake.


1323’s intake is the best I’ve seen so far at intaking bouncing balls.

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Double-scoring by shooting the ball into an exit, having it fly up past the top, and then fall back in. Section 6.4.1 says:

A CARGO is scored in an UPPER or LOWER HUB if it passes through the top horizontal opening of the UPPER or LOWER HUB and passes through the sensor array

Note that this does not specify the direction in which the cargo passes either the top horizontal opening or the sensor array, nor the order of those two events.


I heard rumors during week 0 that a ball going through the sensor the wrong way caused the FMS to crash.

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In the offseason, I hope to (at least) prototype a dual cargo launching design based on Blip.


Apparently it happened here and did cause some strangeness, but didn’t get noted for replay.




No indexer, just an intake, feeder, and double barrel shooter (well its 1 shooter thats 2 balls wide with a support in the middle). The balls force each other to sit side by side on a gravity fed ramp into our feeder. If you like OPR, we had a 41.74 OPR at the Macomb District. We did a BTB with FUN at Macomb this past weekend, dunno when that’ll be coming out.