What's allowed in presentation's

Just wondering what is and is not allowed to bring into the Chairman’s award interview? I/E pictures costumes props etc!
Thanks Mbox67

Pretty much anything goes! Pictures, costumes, and props are all fine, as long as they’re safe. However, know that not all Chairman’s Award presentation rooms are flat (we’ve presented in a choir room with steps before), and you can’t rely on anything being in the room to help you with (i.e. if you need to power something, use an inverter – don’t count on an electrical outlet).

Check out section 6.4.8 of the Admin Manual for more details, and good luck!

Thank you, that helps allot.

Some teams have been known to tried to bribe the judges with cookies. Just saying!!

One of the things you should also consider is that not all presentation rooms are created equally. For example, the conference rooms they use at Champs are HUGE. You could set up a full projector screen in there and it would be fine.

At some events, though, the presentation room can be tiny. At North Star in 2014, for example, I remember presenting with a shower behind us in what looked like a locker room. Don’t count on having a large amount of space.

Don’t count on wifi, either, especially if the rest of your event doesn’t have it.